health benefits of drinking waterTraditionally, all over the world, people tend to drink water out of thirst, not because of necessity. It is possible that they need water to quench their thirst. Even though that is normal but the brain signals that you are dehydrated. Persistent and excessive thirst is much more worrying since it is a sign of an underlying problem such as diabetes. It is easier to overlook the benefits of drinking water.

Benefits of drinking water

  1. Maintain Fluid balance

The fluid imbalance is a situation whereby the fluid level in the body is abnormal. The body consistently loses water through urinating, sweating or breathing which results in dehydration. Having a healthy body is one of the benefits of drinking water by mitigating the fluid imbalance. The imbalance associates with sodium, potassium and any other chemical that assist in regulating body fluid.

  1. Controls calories

health benefits of drinking waterWater is a good substitute for high-caloric beverages that tends to increase weight hence, helps with weight loss.

  1. Energize the Muscle

Muscles without adequate fluids underperform and don’t work properly. During workouts, the body loses a lot of fluids causing them to be tired.  It is advisable to start by drinking water before embarking on this noble activity and continue drinking afterwards at intervals during the session.

  1. A clearer skin is one of the benefits of drinking water

Skin is one of the largest organs of the body whose function is to regulate temperature via sweat, hair and fluid balance, proper hydration through drinking water helps it to flush out toxins and makes it wrinkle free.

  1. Improves the kidney function

health benefits of drinking waterDrinking little water in warm climates predisposes the kidney to suffer kidney stone. One of the health benefits of drinking water is to keep the disease at bay.

  1. Improves productivity

Tiredness and lack of concentration are symptoms associated with elderly people, but young adults suffering from dehydration also suffer the same symptoms. Drinking water benefits such people by helping them stay focused, refreshed and alert. A study conducted by researchers in the UK reveals that drinking water benefits the brain improving the memory and reaction times.  Therefore, it is better to drink water before engaging in a mind-boggling activity like tests.

  1. Discomfort of Hangover

drinking water benefitsAlcohol causes serious dehydration with side effects such as headaches. When you drink alcohol, the body expels nearly four times the fluid you take. Benefits of drinking water to an alcoholic is replenishing of the body fluid and combating the headache.

  1. Pain prevention

Health benefits of drinking water include keeping the cartilage soft and hydrated. There are pains associated with dehydration such as Angina, Arthritic pain, Migraine, heartburn and back pain.

  1. Aids digestion

Drinking water helps break down food and increases absorption rates of the nutrients. It keeps your digestive system as healthy as possible by softening the stool hence preventing constipation.

  1. Water a sickness fighter

the benefits of drinking waterSickness may deny you the much-needed appetite for food, but water will keep you going. Diarrhea and vomiting are conduits for losing water.


Water is a cheap and healthier way to quench thirst,benefits of drinking water are far much better than coffee, tea, juices with sugar that only damage teeth. The flavor of plain water might not please your taste buds add a slice of lemon on it to give you the desire to drink.Drinking water benefits everyone but more so the elderly and those exercising. Always keep a bottle of water in your bag, at your desk or in your car to constantly remind you to stay alive.

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