As a kid, I was constantly complaining of headaches. I often took in pain killers but it kept coming back and coming and coming. One day, I asked the doctor why I was always getting headaches.  I was devastated by this persistent issue. However, the doctor said; “if you want to sop getting headaches, then you need to stop what causes it”. You also need to find out what could be the probable causes of headaches that affect you. In this article, we have compiled some of the causes of headache.Here we look at ten hidden causes you might have never known.

what causes headaches


1. Stress

You may be spending so much of your day’s hours working or studying without having enough rest. Take some time to relax. Take a walk or a nap and get your body a little more relax time.

2. Bright lights

Constant exposure to bright lights can also cause headaches. You may need to reduce the brightness of your computer screen. There could be other sources such as sunlight, overhead lights or fluorescent bulbs that you need to avoid staring at for prolonged periods.

3. Noise

what causes headaches

Excessive noise causes headaches as well. Especially for those working in highly mechanised and industrial companies such as mine sites and construction firms. However, noise doesn’t need to be loud in order to hurt you; repetitive noise, even if in a lower volume, can cause headaches. You may need to find some time to listen to some cool or soft music to ward off the headache.

4. Sleeping

People develop headaches when they are unable to sleep enough hours. However, oversleeping causes headache as well. You also have to make sure you sleep in the right position and in an airy room.

5. Drugs

Some medication have their side effects as headaches, nauseas etc. Overuse of pain medications can cause a type of headache termed as rebound headache. You need to check the drugs you use and what their side effects are. They probably are the causes of headaches you encounter.

6. Eating

Irregular eating patterns can also cause headache among humans. Make sure to eat enough food and not starve yourself since hunger causes headache. Foods and drinks contain neurotransmitters which can cause headaches as well. Some processed meals may contain nitrates which can also trigger headache. You could be affected by ice cream headache which is commonly known as brain freeze. You might also be allergic to some foods as well; you need to study the trend. Watch your intake of alcohol, caffeine, cheese etc.

7. Lack of exercise

causes of headaches

Lazing about potentially causes headaches. The heart needs to pump sufficient blood to the head and brain as well as other organs. When you don’t do enough physical activity, your heart is not able to pump enough blood to your brain and other parts of your head which results in headache.

8. Excessive exercise

Outstretching yourself during work outs also tends to cause swellings in the blood vessels. Some of these vessels are located in your head. Possibly, this is what causes headaches for you.

9. Posture

Assuming a particular posture for long hours can also give you headache as your blood circulation reduces and the head and brain does not receive enough blood for its activities.

10. Hormones

causes of headaches

Some hormones need to be maintained at certain levels to make the body feel normal. For example, when oestrogen reduces, it is likely to result in headache. That is why before a lady’s period, when oestrogen levels decrease, shemight fee some headaches.

Some other common causes of headaches are; blood clots within the brain, ear infection, dehydration, concussions, influenzas, panic attacks etc.

Finding the causes of headaches is the first step towards solving your problem. I wish you the best of your health.

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