A personality disorder can be seen in a person in different way. According to the American system of diagnosis, there are 10 types of personality disorders. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder has a list of personality disorders. This personality disorder list clusters the disorders in three clusters. Cluster A (odd, eccentric), B (dramatic, erratic and emotional) and C (fearful, anxious).

Personality Disorder Types
Personality Disorder Types

Here Are The 10 Types Of Personality Disorders

1. Paranoid Personality Disorder

Among the 10 personality disorder types, paranoid personality disorder stands out. This is a personality disorder that comprises of schizoid, schizotypal and paranoid personality disorders. This personality disorder is characterized by distrust for friends, family and even partners. Consequently, the individual tends to be suspicious, guarded and constantly on the lookout for suggestions and clues to validate their fears.

2. Schizoid Personality Disorder

This is a personality disorder that shows a pattern of interpersonal and social deficits. These deficits can be marked by acute discomfort, distortions of perception and thinking and eccentric behavior. Schizoid designates the natural tendency to focus attention towards an individual’s inner life. Normally, a person with schizoid will tend to be aloof and detached. They may also be prone to fantasy and introspection. They may have no desire for sexual or social relationships, are indifferent to social norms and other people and lack emotional response.

3. Schizotypal Personality Disorder

Scizotypal disorder is another key tally in the list of personality disorders. This type of personality disorder is characterized by oddities of behavior, appearance and speech. Similar to schizophrenia, the individual may also show unusual anomalies and perpetual experiences. Among the types of personality disorders that make one fear social interaction, schizotypal PD may be said to show pronounced effects. It may make one develop ideas of reference which are mainly beliefs or intuitions that happenings and events are related to them.

4. Antisocial Personality Disorder

This is a pervasive pattern of violation and disregard for other people’s rights. This personality disorder falls in cluster B and is common in men. It is characterized by unconcern about other people or their feelings. Most people with this disorder tend to disregard social rules and obligations. They are aggressive, irritable, lack guilt, hardly learn from experience and act impulsively. They find it easy to relate with people but the relations are mainly turbulent, short-lived and fiery.

5. Histrionic Personality Disorder

This is a condition that is known to make people lack a sense of self worth. These individuals depend on attracting attention and approval of other people. They are dramatizing and always do the best to be seen and heard. This type of personality disorder makes one get cautious about their behavior in a way that may be inappropriately seductive or overly charming. The dealing of these people seem superficial or insincere and their craving for excitement makes them prone to abuse or exploitation.

6. Narcissistic Personality Disorder

This is another disorder that sits in the list of personality disorders. A person with this disorder shows extreme sense of entitlement, self importance and need to be admired. Individuals with these personality disorder types are envious of others, lack empathy and rapidly exploit others to achieve their aims. Some may be intolerant, controlling, insensitive, self-absorbed and selfish. If ridiculed or obstructed, these individuals can be very angry. They revenge with narcissistic rage which can be disastrous.

7. Avoidant Personality Disorder

This is another disorder in the list of personality disorders and falls in cluster C. this personality disorder comprises of dependent, avoidant and anankastic individuals. These people fear being criticized, embarrassed or rejected. If they are not certain of being liked, they avoid meeting other people. They are even restrained in intimate relationships. This personality disorder is associated with anxiety disorders, actual rejection or a feeling or rejection from friends and family.

8. Dependent Personality Disorder

This is a personality disorder characterized by lack of excessive care or self-confidence. Individuals with this disorder depend on others to make day-to-day decisions. These are people in the personality disorders list who fear being abandoned as they see themselves as helpless and inadequate.

9. Obsessive-Compulsive Personality

This is another disorder in the list of personality disorders. This disorder is a pervasive pattern of perfectionism, mental and interpersonal control and preoccupation with orderliness at the expense of openness, efficiency and flexibility.

10. Borderline Personality Disorder

Last but not least in the personality disorders list is the borderline personality disorder. This is a disorder that shows patterns of instability of self-image, control over impulse, moods and interpersonal relationship. A person with this disorder lacks ‘the sense of self’. This results to fears of abandonment and feelings of emptiness. Their relationships and emotions show a pattern of intense instability. This personality disorder is believed to result from childhood sexual abuse and is common in women. Individuals with this personality disorder tend to be hot tempered and act of self harm and suicidal threats are common among them.

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