I had felt nauseated most of my years in early teens. I always thought that it was natural and that it would go. Well, it always went for a while and returned again. On few occasions, I ended up throwing up in public or rushing to find a wash room to do my thing. Get the point straight; if you are not sick, pregnant or have not taken in some weird or expired food, then feeling nauseated often or for a long period isn’t normal. It is not a disease; only a condition. However, if you are abnormally getting nauseated like I used to, you should be on your heels to find some nausea treatment.

how to get rid of nausea


Nausea arises as a result of certain conditions such as pregnancy, flu, appendicitis, and even stress. In general, if nausea lasts more than 24 hours, is accompanied by vomiting, fever, or other symptoms, you should seek medical attention to identify the cause of nausea and get a treatment.


You can get rid of nausea naturally. However, before you try any of the solutions, you must first consider what your symptoms are. If you feel nauseated for more than 24 hours or it is accompanied by vomiting, fever etc., it is advisable to see a medic to ascertain the cause and determine the remedies for nausea you need to acquire.

However, there are many home remedies for nausea.This recommended for frail nauseas. Get rid of weak nausea by using any one or more of the following home remedies for nausea.


how to get rid of nausea

Nausea is easily activated by strong and unpleasant smells whichmay emerge from overstuffed rooms, smelly shoes and towels etc. Breathing in bad odours may provoke your nausea to a worse level. Try to get those smelly stuffs outof your room and open more windows to keep the room properly ventilated. You may also need to avoid strong scented areas and perfumes. Sit more in open and airy places to help improve your condition.


Banana is both preventive and curative.There are protective mucus layers in the stomach walls that are responsible for protection against acidic substances. These acidic substances may cause heartburns, ulcers and nausea. Consumption of banana helps promote the manufacture of these mucus layers which help reduce or prevent nausea.


You may be feeling nausea because you need to throw up. Vomiting is a natural defence mechanism of the body to expel toxins that find themselves into the body. However, vomiting might not occur as quickly as you wish and you may end up feeing nauseatic for hours. You can speed up things by fixing your index finger deep into your throat. Doing this a couple of times forces you to throw up and hence get rid of nausea.


how to cure nausea

An immediate cure for nausea is to drink some warm water. Nausea can be caused by clusters of phlegm which are unable to leave the throat. Cold foods and fluids tend to worsen the case. It is recommended to take in more water or fluids such as warm tea in order to ease off these clots of phlegm.


Lemons have harmonious smells which helps to boot out possible unpleasant smell stuck in the nostrils. You may slice some lemon and rub it around your nose. Better still, you may position it in a way that is close to your nose so that you can smell it. Make sure not to take it too close or too far and try to inhale and exhale fully and naturally. You could also use some lemon sprays and room refreshers in your room.


Peppermints are also remedies for nausea. It has fragrant scents that helps pacify the troubled stomach or respiratory system. You can use these by applying some peppermint oils directly in your mouth (gum) using a clean piece of cotton. You can also make some peppermint tea and drink as your nausea treatment. This gradually cuts through mucus clots which ultimately get rid of nausea.


how to get rid of nausea

Eating fatty foods can hinder your nausea treatment as it increases mucus production leading to nausea. Eat foods that are low in fat such as vegetables, low dairy products, fruits etc. Note: avoid acidic fruits such as oranges.


To get rid of nausea, you need to avoid foods that increase nausea. Some foods are strong nausea provoking foods and so need to be avoided. Examples of such foods are; chocolate, acidic foods, ice cream or cold foods etc.


Brushing may be needed to get rid of nausea. You may be feeling nauseated because of improper brushing habits or not brushing at all. Many a time, most people who woke up early and took some breakfast before brushing ended up feeling nauseated afterwards. Your new cure for nausea could be brushing. Brush before bed and brush in the morning.


how to get rid of nausea

Though the last, certainly not the least. Ginger is a very effective nausea treatment. Ginger contains enzymes and juices that help defuse stomach acid. It also contains phenols that increase the rate at which the intestines eject toxins. You will see the results almost immediately. However, it falls among short term remedies for nausea. Boil some ginger root and drink as your new nausea treatment.

By now, you should know how to get rid of nausea. Like I said earlier, if you find any other symptoms along the nauseatic feeling, you need to see a medic. However, you can choose among the various remedies for nausea above to get rid of nausea.

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