As a graphic designer, you will always want only the best fonts for your site. The best free fonts can be found online, and presently there are very many free fonts. The biggest advantage of the fonts is that a web designer is granted a high degree of freedom during their work. They can style their project towards a certain thematic approach or just go freestyling on their piece of work. Better yet, these fonts are not singly made for websites. Software developers, application designers and game builders can all use the free fonts available online. Customary fonts can be a bit dull at times, especially with most users being familiar with the usual fonts they encounter while word processing.

The best free fonts will give the user a pleasant surprise, something fresh and neat to look at. They come in handy especially when an application is heavy-laden with text. Wordy contents are usually quite tricky to pull off, because end-users tend to be very picky. If you are going to write large amounts of text, the only natural thing to do is to make it as attractive as possible. Give them a try, they are quite exciting.

Best Free Fonts For Designers

1. Coralia

Best Free Fonts

Coralia is a brush typeface that comes in 2 weights, each being made from 200+ glyphs perfectly combined…Read More

2. Brusher Free Font

best free fonts

Brusher is a bold and modern brush-lettered font which includes 100 glyphs crafted with precise strokes and smooth lines that will give your text a naturally hand drawn look…Read More

3. Cormorant

Best Free Fonts

Cormorant is an original display font by Catharsis Fonts…Read More

4. Sen

Best Free Fonts

Sen – a Geohumanist sans, is the first Philatype typeface released under the SIL Open Font License (OFL). Use it free for anything! Yes, even for commercial purposes…Read More

5. Rollmops Typeface

best free fonts

ROLLMOPS is a modular, experimental typeface that plays with the idea to fold a line of text from a continuous strip of paper…Read More


Best Free Fonts

BONN is currently available in 3 weights and free to download. This typeface is ideal for logotypes, headings or posters – in general for a big use…Read More

7. The Tryst Typeface

Best Free Fonts

A contemporary take on a transitional serif text typeface… Read More

8. GEOM Display Typeface

Best Free Fonts

GEOM is a free display type inspired in basic geometric forms and grids, it’s just my daily study… Read More

9. Intro Rust

Best Free Fonts

Intro Rust is one of the biggest packages on the market, including 214 fonts… Read More

10. Cansiparane

Best Free Fonts

Cansiparane Free Typeface – 2015 Read More


Best Free Fonts

BERNIER™ is applicable for any type of graphic design. It is perfect for vintage badge, old school style typography, and logotype… Read More

12. Bigfish

Best Free Fonts

Bigfish (created 2008 by Felix Braden) is a comic-like slabserif font with top-heavy proportions and looks somewhat overinflated… Read More

13. FREE Font Firefly

Best Free Fonts

To celebrate the success of my font Highbinder I’m releasing the quarky hand drawn serif Firefly… Read More

14. Monthoers Free Font

Best Free Fonts

now Monthoers available in 2 weight Clean and Textured version… Read More

15. Nickainley Script

best free fonts

Nickainley  is a Monoline Script font. handwriting font with a touch of classic and vintage. in uppercase, lowercase characters, numeral and punctuation… Read More

16. Typeface Hammerhead

Best Free Fonts

Hammerhead is a free typeface, designed by Felix Braden. The type family comes in 4 weights and supports all central european languages… Read More

17. Valencia Sweetness

best free fonts

Valencia made ​​with fully handmade, sketches, rough, natural, with two types of scripts and irregular fonts that can assist you in making something different, unique… Read More


best free fonts

PROMESH TWO adds two new styles to the popular font PROMESH here on Behance. Both styles available free for personal and commercial use… Read More

19. Muller font

best free fonts

The very first sketches of Muller were made about four years ago. In the process they changed to the point where they had nothing in common with the original idea… Read More

20. Panton font

best free fonts

The font family is most suitable for headlines of all sizes, as well as for text blocks that come in both maximum and minimum variations… Read More

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