Acid reflux is a situation where the acidic contents of the stomach, that are meant to aid in digestion, move high up enough to reach the oesophagus. The hydrochloric acid in the stomach is present to effectively aid in digestion and protect against uninvited microbes like bacteria.

how to get rid of acid reflux

The oesophagus is protected by the gastroesophaegeal sphincter. This is a ring muscle that allows food into the stomach through the oesophagus but prevents the reverse movement of the stomach contents.  It is when this ring fails in its duty that an acid reflux occurs. A common symptom of acid reflux is heartburns. This failure may be a frequently occurring one caused by a sickness or just a one time or occasional occurrence which is attributable to drinking and eating habits.


The main strategy for getting rid of acid reflux is by tackling it from the root causes. As commonly diagnosed among fat people, it has been proven that abdominal fat interferes with the normal functioning of the oesophagus as well as its sphincter. The sphincter’s strength also diminishes with time (age). We can get rid of acid reflux through purely home techniques as well as medical options.


  1. Losing some body fat may work the magic. Abdominal fats are proven to interfere the normal functioning of the oesophagus and the oesophageal sphincter. Try losing some belly fat by engaging in a daily jogging or bicycle riding activity to burn some belly fat.
  2. Aloe Vera is also very good for getting rid of acid reflux. You may drink two ounces of natural Aloe Vera juice daily. You should note that the gel from Aloe Vera is very bitter and you may want to dilute it with some water or little honey.
  3. You can try the early morning lemon method as well. Even before you take breakfast, make a mixture of warm water and fresh lemon juice and drink. The alkalinity of the lemon helps the stomach balance its acidic levels before any food is taken in. Make sure to do this for at least 15minutes before your first meal.
  4. Eating of fresh almonds is another way to get rid of acid reflux. Almonds are also alkaline producing foods which help balance the pH of the stomach.
  5. Baking soda can be used for getting rid of acid reflux. Mix baking soda with half a glass of water and drink.
  6. Chamomile, fenugreek tea as well as mint are also options.
  7. Chew more gum. Saliva is known to reduce acidity. Chewing gums after food causes more salivation which helps reduce acidity in the stomach.
  8. The stomach is positioned at the right hand side of the body. Avoid sleeping on the right side of the body to avoid stomach pressures that promote acid reflex.
  9. You ought to quit smoking that cigar as well to solve this problem.
  10. Protect your abdomen from increased pressure. Pressure may be caused by usage of tight belts and clothing as well as doing sit-up exercises. Allowing your abdomen some relaxation can help getrid of acid reflux.
  11. Avoid eating late and quit the habit of sleeping within 2 hours after eating. Sit around or walk around, watch Tv or do any simple activity while waiting for about 3 hours to get food properly digested before you go to bed.
  12. Avoid exercising right after eating as this may aggravate the problem and increase the occurrence of acid reflux.


how to get rid of acid reflux

13. Proton-pump inhibitors

Proton-pump inhibitors have been used for getting rid of acid reflux. Proton-inhibiors decrease acid production which helps reduce the occurrence of acid reflux. They have their own side effects associated with them including malabsorption which leads to nutrient deficiencies.

Examples of proton-pump inhibitors are Zantac, Aciphex, Dexilant, Nexium, Prevacid, Prilosec, Zegerid and Protonix.


These drugs are usually in liquid from but may also come as tablets. This type is recommended for people who are only experiencing this on a rare occasion or refluxes which happen only by reason of an occasional food or drink trigger. They contain calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium dioxide and aluminium.

Side effect: They may interfere with nutrient absorption which may cause deficiencies.


A common alginated drug used to get rid of acid reflux is Gaviscon. These drugs also contain antacids. However, these drugs generate a blockade by forming into something like a foamy gel that rests above the gastric pool. Because of this, any rise or reflux becomes safe as it contains alginic acid which is relatively safer than the potent stomach acid.


Some gastreosophageal reflux diseases can be severe and strong enough to resist all kinds of medications. In cases where all drugs have failed, a surgical means may be resort toto get rid of acid reflux. This surgical method or operation is termed as fundoplication. Magnetic rings that strengthen the gastoesophageal sphincter are used in this process which later helps the sphincter to shut itself against intruders from the stomach.

By now, I guess you should know how to get rid of acid reflux in your life. However, you should note that if your issue is a serious and persisting one, you may need seeing a doctor. Have a nice day.

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