Having a crush on someone is one of nicest feeling on earth. Regardless if your crush knows about it or not, or perhaps feel the same or not. There are also crushes that we only tend to meet virtually, like famous celebrities or icons. But how can we really tell if our feelings is merely a crush and don’t go beyond that?

It may be hard to determine but who cares, we feel what we feel and if it is something that causes us to put a smile in our hearts or on or faces then that’s the thing that needs no explanation. You know you have a crush on someone when;

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1. You feel awkward when that person is around

crush on someone

You can’t help it, but you would have that great combination of feelings as you are shy, excited, happy, and strange. Whenever the person is around you, don’t know how to act and react with ease, and you can’t even explain it to yourself.

The feeling that you would want to be with that person at the same time doesn’t wish to be with that person because you are afraid that it would be obvious that you have a crush on the individual. Yes, we can equate it to being crazy, besides, what else do we call a person with inexplicable feeling?

2. You keep thinking of that person

crush on someone

When you have a crush on someone or perhaps even as early as the stage that you are developing an interest in an individual, you would already find yourself thinking of that person every time. You would always wonder what he or she is doing at the moment, or whether the individual thinks of you as well. You would always be curious about the things that involved him, as his favorites, hobbies or even how his bedroom looks.

You feel a little sad if a day had passed, and you didn’t see him or her. Having a crush on someone is indeed complicated, however, one of the best feelings that we could have in this life. It is indeed a literal meaning of sugar and spice and everything nice.

3. You want to be noticed, or somehow wishing that your crush feels otherwise

crush on someone

When we have a crush on someone, we would want to impress them. In simple ways such as wearing a lovely dress, a pair of fashionable shoes or perhaps putting on a little makeup for girls. Sometimes we are doing a little research and stalking their social media trying to get as much as information we could get, but still pretends we don’t know anything about the person.

Also, attempting to include them in every conversation to make it more interesting for you, but trying too hard not to make it obvious. It’s hard, and it’s funny at the same time. However, everything will fall into their rightful places when they are meant to be. Just be natural, and continue to make things that would make the person fall for you.

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