More than half of all Americans aged 60 and over suffer from HBP and about two our of three these put up with isolated systolic hypertension(ISH).ISH crops up during those instances when the top number(systolic blood pressure) goes up.

What Causes High Blood Pressure
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HBP usually doesn’t exhibit any signs or symptoms. In fact, you may live with HBP for many years without you knowing it, although you will be experiencing headaches from time to time. During this time, your HBP may result into serious damages to the various blood vessels in your body. Kidney failure may also occur as well as the malfunctioning of your heart. Unfortunately, a majority of persons wake up to the realization when already much damage has happened. That is when they start on what causes high blood pressure

That is why you need to have your blood pressure checked regularly even when you think your health condition is at its best. Incase you notice your blood pressure is too high; you can always do something to improve your condition since high blood pressure causes serious damages when you live with it much longer.

HBP can cause:

HBP may result into your heart getting weaker or larger and that most at times translates to heart failure. Heart failure is described as that state when the heart becomes unable to pump enough blood to meet the requirements of your body.

The narrowing of the arteries in some places through out your body may limit blood-flow especially to the kidneys, legs, brain and the heart. This usually results in conditions such as the amputation of a section of your leg, stroke or heart attack.

Aneurysms (AN-u-risms) occur in the various blood vessels in your body. An aneurysm can be described as some form of abnormal bulge in your arterial walls. Aneurysms usually occur in your main artery which transports blood from the heart to the body, the arteries in your brain, artery moving blood to the intestines, spleen and the legs.

Kidney failure is always as a result of the narrowing of blood vessels in your kidneys.

causes of high blood pressure

The bursting or bleeding of blood vessels in your eyes lead to vision changes or even blindness at worst.

Most of the people, men or women, wish to keep their blood pressure levels below 140/90 mmHg. The men and women suffering from the chronic kidney diseases or diabetes, the main goal is to ensure blood pressure levels are maintained at below 130/80mmHg since anything above that causes of high blood pressure Which translates into very difficult moments in their lives.

Lifestyle Changes

Managing your high blood pressure levels may depend on your abilities cope with stress, learning about the appropriate approaches to deal with stress as well as undertaking a healthy balanced way of life. Below are four causes of high blood pressure:

  1. Call a halt to using tobacco products
  2. Sustain a nutritious diet for you and your family
  3. Ensure you maintain an ideal body weight
  4. Stay physically active

A large number of men and women may be able to successfully control their blood pressure levels through the implementation of proper lifestyle modifications. But, some can’t achieve desirable results this way. Remember that your main goal is to maintain your blood pressure levels at an optimum level. The top medical practitioners recommend a proper and trusted medication plan as part of your treatment. However, it is critical for you to uphold fitness and health diet and lifestyle routines as part of fighting off the causes of high blood pressure.

Implementing A Nutritious Diet as an Approach to Combat High Blood Pressure Causes

Most of the doctors will recommend the DASH (Dietary Approaches to stop Hypertension) weight loss program for you and your family after diagnosing signs and symptoms of HBP. The DASH eating plan incorporates the intake of sodium, foods that are heart healthy and with low fat content, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

DASH also takes into account fat free or low milk and dairy products, nuts, poultry and fish. This eating plan is reduced in red meats, the sugar containing beverages, added sugars and sweets. It is a diet high nutrient levels, fiber and protein.

Managing HBP requires that you commit yourself to controlling the amount of salt you take in into your body system. This implies that you need to regulate on just how much salt you consume. It is crucial that you settle for low-sodium and “no added salt” food items and seasonings as well. Being a keen observer of the Nutrition information sticker on the various food items you purchase is critical. It is only by doing that you can be able to understand the level of sodium contained in the contents. Ensure you desist from consuming more than one teaspoonful of sodium every day since the consumption of high sodium levels is one of the causes of high blood pressure

Avoid the alcohol based drinks. Excessive intake of the alcohol based drinks raises you blood pressure a great deal. Men need to only consume a maximum of two bottles a day. On the other hand, women should keep the consumption at one bottle since the consumption of alcohol is one of the high blood pressure causes.

High Blood Pressure Causes and How Remaining Physically Active Helps

causes of high blood pressure

Undertaking regular physical exercises is certainly one of the best ways to lower your blood pressure. It is important that you make consultations with your doctor before engaging into any new fitness program. That way you will be able to settle for the kind of exercises that are safe for you.

High Blood Pressure Causes and the Essence of Maintaining Keep a Proper Weight

Maintaining a proper body weight is essential towards the achievement of an ideal blood pressure level. Losing excess weight may require that you cut down on your calorie intake and undertake a lot of fitness exercises. Causes of high blood pressure may remain unknown but implementing recommended practices may be of great help towards the attainment of your wellbeing goals.

Cope With Stress Observed In The Light Of Causes of High Blood Pressure

causes of high blood pressure

Stress management is crucial towards maintaining your blood pressure at an optimum level. It may involve taking good care of those matters that can enhance your emotional wellbeing as well as your physicality.

Quit Smoking

causes of high blood pressure

Smoking is notorious for causing major damages in blood vessels and also increases your chances of suffering HBP. It aggravates health conditions attributed with HBP and thus is of paramount importance that you quit this habit.

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