In every relationship there is always a need for you to know (study) your partner in order to know what he or she likes most. When you realize or know what he or she likes most, you try doing such things to make him or her happy and you will discover that you are having the greatest relationship of your time. There are five love languages in existence and every human being fits into one of the 5 languages of love which was expounded by Dr. Gary Chapman. These 5 languages of love is good to be studied and known by everyone in a relationship as it will enable you know which of the five love languages that your partner fits into and it will also help you work at making your partner happy and your relationship better and long lasting.

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The 5 love languages

5 love languages

What are the 5 love languages? These are the languages of love just as expounded by Dr. Gary Chapman and it is best to know and understand all the five love languages as it will make you a better partner in your relationship:

1: The language of words of affirmation

5 love languages

This is the first of the languages of love and people that have this as their major love language will always want you to use words to assure them of your love for them than actions. There is a need for you to always compliment people with this as their major love language, always tell them that you love them, that they mean the world to you and avoid insulting such people because they will not forget the insults easily and the insults will also shatter their lives. Remember that words mean a whole lot to them, always choose your words when you are around them.

2: Quality time

five love languages

The second of the 5 love languages is that of spending quality time and this set of people believe in the aspect of spending quality time with them. This set of people believe that your being there for them whenever they need you, leaving all you are doing just to be with them and when you are with them, it is important that you concentrate by looking at them and this will help assure them of the fact that you are really in love with them. Breaking a date, postponing of a date, being distracted during a date and not listening to them can be major put off for people in this group of love language.

3: Receiving gifts

five love languages

Another of the 5 love languages is the love language of receiving gifts. It is important however to point out here that having this as a major love language does not really mean that such a person is materialistic in nature because such people thrive on the reason behind the gift and not on the gift itself. The fact that you thought about them and bought them a gift, you made an effort and took time out of your busy schedule to buy them a gift is what really matters to them.  Forgetting all about their birthdays, wedding or work anniversary, the absence of seemingly unimportant everyday gestures or even buying them a hasty and a thoughtless gift puts them off and shatters their feelings.

4: Acts of service

5 languages of love

Another of the 5 languages of love is the act of showing love through service. People who have this as their major language of love will feel special and loved when you help them around the home like vacuuming the house, doing of the household laundry, getting the grocery and so on. He or she feels that because you care for them, you do not wish for them to be over burdened with chores and this means a great deal to them. Hearing you say how you will want to help him or her do a particular work so as to ease their burden and give them time to rest means a great deal to them. Not helping them with any of the chores simply means that you do not care for them and it goes to shatter them because they feel that you do not love them or that they do not mean the whole world to you. Learn to help your partner around the house every once in a while if he or she has this as his or her major love language.

5: The language of physical touch

5 languages of love

This is the last but not the least of the five languages of love and this is the language that requires you to physically touch your partner in a way that will make him or her feel well loved, satisfied and happy. This can be done simply by touching the shoulders of your partner when you are walking past him or her, holding hands with your partner as you walk along the road together, placing your hand on his or her laps as you are in the car together, embracing or hugging your partner when you meet after a little break, kissing your partner when he or she comes back from work in the evenings or nights, having sexual intercourse with your partner on a regular basis. Doing all this will mean a great deal for your partner that has this as his or her major love language.

Benefits of knowing the five languages of love

These are some of the benefits that you get for taking time out to learn about the languages of love:

  • You will be the best partner for your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • You will be able to make your partner happy most of the time.
  • You will be able to have a healthy and a great relationship.
  • You will be able to sustain and maintain a good relationship with your partner.

When you are about to enter into a relationship with someone that you love or care deeply about, it is best that you study such an individual as this will help you know his or her major love language and will also make you well prepared in showing her or him all the love that you can exhibit and make them feel special in the long run.

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