Have you been worried about how to get sinusitis treated? You don’t have to worry much. You can easily get rid of sinus infection without any complications and at a minimum cost. For those of you who seem to be allergic to almost every medical drug on this planet, you would care to know that there are various home remedies for sinus infection at your disposal.

home remedies for sinus infection

Sinusitis is actually an inflammation of the sinus tissues which can be caused by the accumulation of excess fluid in the sinus, bacterial infection and ingrowths within the sinus. Aside the use of antibiotics and other hospital drugs for its treatment, you can make the treatment for sinus infection at home. Let’s take a look at how to make and use these home sinus infection remedies.


Aside medical or prescribed sinus infection remedies, you may use any of these home techniques for sinus infection treatment.


home remedies for sinus infection

Usually, the mucus is very thick and bulky. To get all of it out and quickly, you need to moisten the sinus. Moistening the sinus makes the mucus more liquid hence, permitting them to come out quicker. Moistening the sinus linings also helps in loosening the grip of any stuck particles or bacteria that may be causing the sinus infection.


  1. Fill your bathtub with warm steamy water
  2. Put some drops of menthol into it.
  3. Immerse your bodyinto it and take a 15 minute steam bath.

You should begin to see some improvement in your condition after some few days. Alternatively;

  1. Fill a bowl with some hot water
  2. Drop some menthol into it
  3. Place your head over the bowl and inhale the steam that rises up from the bowl.

Aside these, you can also make a warm compress with a towel.

  1. Boil some water
  2. Dip the towel into it and squeeze the water out.
  3. Now, place the squeezed steamy towel over your face and nose and try to breathe in the steam.

This is also an effective treatment for sinus infection at home.


home remedies for sinus infection

Taking in a lot of fluid may serve the purpose of a sinus infection treatment as it keeps the body and skin hydrated. Not only that but also, more intake of water and liquids (drinks and juices) help to moisten the sinus. This will cause the mucus to liquefy and come out easily.

  1. Drink more water throughout the day. (Generally, 8 ounces of water a day.)
  2. Stay away from the sun and dry atmospheres that can make the body, as well as the sinus, dehydrated.
  3. Avoid taking in alcoholic and caffeinated drinks as these contribute in dehydrating the body.


I need not tell you which eating practice will get your sinus moistened. Taking in very hot foods and peppery foods aid in keeping the sinus moistened. You may want to take hot temperaturefoods and avoid taking in cold/chilled water and foods such as ice creams. If you cook your own meals, you may add more pepper and hot spices to your meals. This will go a long way to solve your problem.


home remedies for sinus infection

By now, you may have read that allergies are among causes of sinusitis. Especially, some people develop sinusitis as a result of an allergic reaction to dust particles. No matter how many times you treat the sinusitis, they will keep coming back as long as the dust or the allergy causative is still in the environment.To get rid of such sinusitis, you need to do away with the causative. The causatives could be dust, mites or even pets’ fur and bacteria.

  1. You can use air blowers or air filter systems to get rid of dust at home.
  2. You could use allergen-barriers for beds
  3. Get rid of or limit the access of pets at home. Especially, furry pets usually induce allergic sinusitis.


To get the sinuses moist, you can do direct flush outs in the nostrils. When you do this, the sinus becomes wet and moistened. This also helps in effectively pulling out mucus and alien fragments that may be attached to the sinus linings. This procedure can be effectively done with a water and salt solution. There are various ways to do this including the use of neti pots and bulb syringes. You may also use nasal irrigation systems as sinus infection cure.


  1. Always use cleanly distilled water or recently boiled water for this purpose.
  2. Always remember to wash and dry the irrigation equipment you may use for this purpose.
  3. Do not overdo this treatment – You may develop latter nasal complications. Applying this twice a day for about 3-5minutes should be enough.

You can always get a sinus infection cure from a doctor if the symptoms still persist after trying the above remedies. – It may be a severe sinusitis. However, you should be careful not to rush for antibiotics and other medications immediately you see symptoms of sinusitis. Abusing these drugs, especially painkillers, may cause further complications.

Home remedies for sinus infection are always the best for mild sinusitis. For now, brace yourself up and make use of any of these sinus infection remedies for absolute relief. Enjoy your day.

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