Cold sores are tiny sores that formulate in the skin. It is also termed as fever blisters.They usually appear around the lips, inside the nostrils, cheeks and chin.Cold sore causes displeasure from the affected area. They can appear at any part of the body. The causative orgasm is a virus which is known as Herpes Simplex Virus. Ignorantly, some have mistaken them for Aphthous ulcers.  Before you conclude on what your infection is, take note that Aphthous ulcers appear in soft tissues of the mouth. However, cold sores do not appear there. If tiny sores you have developed are located in the softer issues or parts of your mouth, then you have a different issue. Cold sore causes blisters of sores which are not as painful as sores from Aphthous ulcers.

what causes cold sores

Contracting The Virus

A person cannot get infected unless he contracts the Herpes Simplexvirus. Herpes Simplex Virus is very contagious. As a result, when it affects one person, it easily spreads out and people around begin to contract it.However, the virus may remain dormant for a period in a person’s system before an outbreak. For people with weaker immune systems, they are likely to suffer an outbreak about three to four times a year whiles other may never suffer an outbreak because the virus may remain dormant for a long period.

Habits that cause cold sores

Did you ever know your habit could be what causes cold sores? There are some habits you never imagined that are actually causes of cold sores. Take a look at them below


what causes cold sores

Cold sores break out in the body when the immune system is overpowered by the virus. However, the immune systems power and ability is hindered when a person is under persistent stress and fatigue. You need to maintain a low fatigue level to avoid being affected; you may need to start sleeping more, take more vacations etc to help strengthen your immune system.


what causes a cold sore

Sharing of items is also one of the many cold sore causes. The virus is highly transmittable. The habit of sharing gadgets such as eating utensils, razors, towels, roll-ons etc can get you in trouble. These stuffs may carry the fluids which easily transmit the virus into your skin when you come into contact with them. You might not see the physical signs of infection in the partner you share with but remember the virus can stay dormant in some persons and yet can be transmitted.


what causes a cold sore

Kissing involves the exchange of saliva and other body fluids which may contain this virus. Through this act, you can easily contract this virus from an infected person. Your sex life could be what causes cold sores. Those who practice oral sex are likely to have their genitals affected as well; the organs get into contact with the virus which infects the area.


cold sore causes

Causes of cold sores can be attributed to the sun. Research has shown that the ultraviolet rays from the sun potentially trigger cold sores. You may need to avoid spending too much time under sun rays. Better still, you may use balms or creams or an umbrella to ward off the impact of the rays.


Unnatural activities around the mouth area are among cold sore causes. The cold sores may be activated by an injury to the mouth, or an unusual activity such as some dental procedures that may prickle a sensitive area of your mouth. These activities may trigger the virus.Try to minimize activities that lacerate the mouth.


causes of cold sores

The virus gains access to the body through openings in the skin. Aside the mouth, nose and ears, they may find an opening by means of a bruise or cut in your skin. You need to protect the skin against unnecessary sores and injuries as these create room for infection. You can also prevent this by always covering sores on your skin with a clean piece of cotton wool or medical plaster.

Now that you know these causes, the choice is in your hands to contract Cold Sores or not.

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