As we age, the skin becomes discoloured due to factors like deficiency in nutrients and the heat from the sun. This may lead to a person having multiple skin colours or even a darkened skin. We begin to look darker than we used to be and the skin colour may not look as attractive as we want it to be. However, most people like you and I like to have a toned skin and that is probably why you clicked on this article. Read further to know about these seven undisputed skin whitening home remedies you can also use.

skin whitening home remedies


Skin whitening home remedies can be used by anyone. Skin darkening occurs due to accumulation of dead skin cells, the effect of the sunand blemishes in the skin. However we can counteract these reactions with numerous home remedies for skin whitening.

1. Orange Peels and Yogurt:

home remedies for skin whitening

Orange peels can be used for skin whitening at home. They help in removing dark spots as well.

HOW: Dry some orange peels in the sun for about one or two days till the moisture is completely out. Then, grind your dry peels into a powder form. Take one tablespoon of the dry powder and mix with a tablespoon of fresh yoghurt to form a paste. Now, you may smear and rub this paste on your skin and allow it about fifteen minutes to dry. Wash it off with some clean water and try doing this twice a day for maximum effects.

2. Honey mix with lemon and milk:

Don’t overlook honey when looking for skin whitening home remedies. However, each of these products possesses skin nourishing features. Honey is used in highly expensively cosmetic products due to its skin enhancing qualities. Milk is proven to be a very good skin whitening treatment at home where as lemon has acidic contents that help kill bacteria and germs as well as helping remove dead body cells.

A correct mixture of these products will be your perfect answerfor a skin whitening treatment at home.

HOW: Mix one teaspoon of each of these products in a small bowl and apply to the part(s) of the skin you want to treat. Remember to apply this to a clean skin. That is, wash your skin before you apply this. Allow it about 15 to 20 minutes to dry and wash off with some water. Apply this regularly as your skin whitening treatment at home and it will work better than most cosmetic products.

3. Tomato, Yogurt and Oatmeal Mask

This is another combo of foods mixture which will yield asuccessful skin whitening at home.Tomatoes are responsible for lightening the skin whereas oatmeal renders exfoliation services to the skin. Additionally, yoghurt is one of the mild bleaching products.It is responsible for preventing and erasing blemishes as well as toning the skin.

How:Add 1 teaspoon of tomato paste, tomato juice and oatmeal together into a bowl. Stir and apply the paste to the skin. A regular application will yield positive results. Tomato could also be combined with lemons as an effective skin whitening treatment at home.

4. Raw Papaya:

home remedies for skin whitening

Raw Papaya is among the best skin whitening home remedies. Whether in the form of a paste or a juice, papaya can be used as a very good skin whitening treatment at home.

HOW: Apply papaya paste to the face and allow it to settle for about 15minutes and wash off. Alternatively, you can squeeze the juice from it by grating or blending it. Then, with a piece of cotton, apply the juice to the affected area. Wait for about 20minutes before you wash off. This may be done daily or a couple of days in a week.

5. Gram Flour

Gram flour is listed among the many skin whitening home remedies. Its nutrients keep the skin very healthy by removing surplus oil from the skin while maintaining the skin’s normal moisture level.

HOW: Make a mixture of gram flour and a little but adequate water to form a paste. Rub it on the affected parts of the skin and allow it some time to dry. Wash with water afterwards. Practice this consistently for tremendous results.

6. Lemon Juice

skin whitening home remedies

Lemon juice contains citric acid which is known for its exfoliating qualities that helps to remove dead skin cells. The vitamin C content also helps the skin grow new cells or tissues to replace dying ones.

HOW: Squeeze the juice from a lemon and smear the fresh juice on the skin of the affected areas. Leave it on the skin for some minutes. Soak a piece of towel into warm water and use it to clean or wipe off the dried lemon juice.

Caution: Be sure not to move immediately into the sun as lemon makes the skin extra photosensitive. It is best to practice this at night.

7. Orange Juice

Oranges can’t be excluded from home remedies for skin whitening. Vitamin C is very essential for skin care and oranges have a lot of it. They are also acidic which makes it a perfect skin whitening treatment.

HOW: You can apply the natural orange juice to the skin as your treatment. Alternatively, you can combine orange juice with powdered turmeric and smear on the skin, after which you’ll wash off with water when dry. This won’t leave you disappointed at all after a couple of weeks.

Today, you have all the home remedies for skin whitening at your fingertips, make your decision and get ready for a glossy skin tone.

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