Have you been observing how often you cough and considered whether it is normal or not? Have you wondered if it could be a chronic dry cough or a dry cough at night? You need to be on your guard, coughs may not necessarily be ordinary coughs. They may occur as a symptom of a probable disease or respiratory system disorder.

dry cough symptoms

A dry cough simply refers to a raw and no-mucus cough. This may be so due to a viral infection and usually may last for up to 18days or longer. Whether or not a dry cough is acute or chronic dry cough is dependent on the cause. Acute dry cough may be caused by immediate and sudden factors such as inhaling or choking on smoke and the resultant of a cold. On the contrary, constant dry cough may be due to factors such as habitual smoking or an asthmatic problem.

You can only know and get the appropriate treatment for a persistent dry cough when you know the dry cough symptoms. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms of dry cough below.

Dry Cough Symptoms


If you begin to experience regular coughing after being relieved from a recent cold or influenza infection, it could be a warning of a developing constant dry cough. These are very irritating coughs. Virus within mucus that drained into the throat usually cause inflammations which may remain for some days or weeks, even after being relieved of a cold.


Asthmatic symptoms coupled with cough may be a sign of the infection. If you’ve been experiencing a cough that is worse at night, distracts your sleeping patterns or even causes wheezing sounds while you breathe and usually leads to shortness of breath, they are indications of a dry cough at night.


A dry cough at night or after meals may be caused by an acid reflux. You may experience a cough after a meal or one that awakens you from sleep. If this kind of cough leaves you with a feeling of heartburns or an unwelcoming taste of acidity in your mouth, you are exhibiting dry cough symptoms.


Early stages of whooping coughs are characterized by dry coughs. Experiencing a cough that is accompanied by a whoop or whooping sound, coupled with irrepressible coughing fits could be a sign that you have a dry cough. This may turn out to be a constant dry cough for a week or two.


Having tuberculosis is some sort of an assurance that you shall experiencepersistent dry cough. Regular coughing coupled with a feeling of extreme tiredness or fatigue, a reduction in body mass, blood in coughs as well as severe sweating at night are indications that you have a tuberculosis related chronic dry cough.


Lung cancer symptoms are highly related to dry cough. You may be suffering a chronic dry cough if the cough lasts for more than three weeks and it moves from bad to worse as time passes by. If these are accompanied with blood in cough, sever chest pains, unusual tiredness or illogical feeling of breathlessness, they are signs of a dry cough condition.


You may experience bouts of dry cough.Medications such as ACE inhibitors for blood pressure control can lead to chronic dry cough and dry cough at night. These coughs are often trifling but are worse during night time.


Symptoms of dry cough may emerge due to heart complications. Heart failures may result in accumulation of fluids in the lungs. Just like an acid reflux, these irritate the lung nerves and cause a dry cough. Regular coughing alongside wheezing, breathlessness, fatigue and a feeling of fluid retention are all dry cough symptoms.

With time, dry coughs may become wet coughs and develop into other severe and complicated health issue. If you’ve not been diagnosed of any medical problem but you have realized you’ve been enduring persistent dry cough, you should go for a medical checkup since it may be associated with one of the various respiratory health infections.

Thanks for reading. You may read extra articles on treatment for dry coughs as well.

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