Headaches come in various forms ranging from the slight headaches to the more severe ones called migraines’ migraine is usually associated with very severe throbbing effects on one half of your head. Most at times it is accompanied by gastrointestinal upsets, and heightened sensitivity to the numerous bright lights, a conditional normally referred to as phonophobia. Its real cause still remains unknown and truth of the matter is that the condition still remains poorly understood by people across the divide. The question on how to get rid of a headache fast and effectively has caused heated debates among the experts.

how to get rid of a headache

An attack involves changes in chemicals with a drop in the serotonin levels. During this particular moment, the blood vessels in the brain usually dilate consequently drawing together with stimulation of the various nerve endings close to the affected blood vessels. It is usually the resulting imbalance that normally causes that pain you experience. To get rid of headache when it occurs is easily said than done.

Headaches’ signs and symptoms seem to vary a great deal among patients and almost everyone around the globe wishes that cure for headache be found. People across all the ages can be affected, but it is crucial to point out that 75% of the adult migraine patients around the globe are actually the females. A migraine results into some sort of hormonal imbalance .This causes a large number of women to be affected and they are forced to put up with so much pain during or right after the menstrual period. The hormonal migraine results into reductions in protein biosynthesis of metabolic components and that comprises of the intestinal tract serotonin.

Typical features of headaches

how to get rid of a headache

Headache cures continue to be awaited by lots of people if not all! But at the moment, identifying the accompanying symptoms in good time may be quite helpful. The symptoms may come in two forms. The first one is the kind that you will feel only on one side of your head and it happens in bouts of between 4 to 72 hours and the physical exercise increase their intensity. Vomiting, aversion to lights, smells, sounds as well as nausea form part of the most renowned attributes.

The second kind is such it bears almost similar characteristics to the one above but the difference is that it is normally preceded by some warning symptoms beforehand. It may strike both sides of your head in two separate attacks. To get rid of headache one needs to seek out help as early as possible.

Causes of headaches

how to get rid of a headache

There is a wide range of possible causes of head aches although the cure for headache isn’t yet established and that is the main explanation behind the fact that individual head ache cases varies from one individual to the next. Banging noises, bright lights, certain odors, perfumes and the loud noises are some of the commonly known causes. However, exposing yourself to smoking or to smoke could trigger it just the same way exposure to caffeine or alcohol would and to get rid of headache is a big challenge.

Physical or emotional stress may result into the tensional head ache, which most at times are usually the precursor of a migraine. Dehydration is worse! The reality of the matter is that most of us do not serve our bodies with enough water during the day forgetting the simple fact that headache cures are not yet readily available..

Birth control pills together with the menstrual cycle fluctuations are also attributed with hormonal levels changes among women and these can’t be left unmentioned as some of the possible cause of headaches. The other possible cause is the food that you consume. These includes foods with high tyraminelevels (the smoked fish, cheese, red wine),nitreates (salami, hot dogs and bacon)  and monosodium glutamate(MSG) may all be to blame for the condition under focus.

Top ways to get rid of a headache

There exist numerous top solutions that can see you through the associated pains even with the onset of a real attack. Remember that to get rid of headache is not something that can wait?

  1. Ensure you sleep in a dark and quite room as a cure for headache
  2. Try staying calm which is normal a great way to offer you relaxation and thus you are able to minimize tension as well as stress.
  3. Take the hot and the cold showers. They are a great way reduce pain during a head ache attack
  4. Subject coolness (ice pack) to the affected area of the head. It helps.
  5. Take on some relaxation therapy through activities such as yoga and meditation. These help a great deal in calming the mind as well as in developing that feeling of well being in you as a person. Consequently, you are able to calm down your mind, something that encourages muscle relaxation.
  6. Massage the head lightly. This will help reduce the muscle tension and consequently your blood circulations will receive a major boost.
  7. Acupressure and acupuncture are two renowned and trusted kinds of therapy that help a great deal treat the underlying head ache causes.
  8. Hypnosis helps cut down on pain and it also helps towards the identification of the various triggers of head aches.

Prevention is much better than cure-highlighting supposed headache cures

how to get rid of a headache

Try identifying the most appropriate diet and avoid those foods associated with triggering head aches. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables since they help bring down the chances of you suffering from an attack. Avoid over-indulging while at the same time try your level best to adhere to eating sensibly during all meal times. Serving your body with copious amounts of water is recommended by the top medical practitioners. Establishing the right kind of medication is critical. Simply put, the incorporation of the various preventative methods together with the right kind of medication is a great way to getting started with the fight against head aches. Get rid of a headache today by doing one or some of the above stipulated steps.

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