For how long are you going to walk out trying to hide your double chin with the numerous strategies you have adopted? Come on, it’s about time you got natural and felt comfortable about yourself.

how to get rid of double chin

Double chin is caused by overweight which tends to gift us with an extra layer or layers of fatty tissues beneath our chins. Moreover, it could be caused by other factors such as aging, skin elasticity and genetic reasons.

Probably, you came across this writing because you are seeking other alternatives to the expensive surgical solution you need for getting rid of double chin. Don’t panic yet. There are many home remedies and natural options to get rid of double chin as well as alternative medical solutions.

This writing concentrates on natural ways to get rid of double chin. Below are 8 simple and natural ways to reduce double chin:


Adopting a regular massaging exercise of the chin with wheat germ oil is one way to getting rid of double chin. The oil contains vitamin E which increases the skin’s elasticity. This tightens up the skin so that the flesh around your chin won’t have to drop like it has.

Procedure: Pour some wheat germ oil in your palm and rub around your chin area. Gently massage for about ten minutes. Do this always before going to bed, leaving the oil on the skin throughout the night. A regular application of this method should reduce double chin in some few months.


how to get rid of double chin

In this method, you adopt a chewing exercise routine. This is to help strengthen the muscles around the jaw and chin area in order to hold the flesh and fat around the area.

Procedure: Develop a habit of chewing some bubble gum every day to get rid of double chin.


You can also get rid of double chin by applying glycerine to your skin. Make a mixture with a tablespoon of glycerine, some drops of peppermint oil and 1.5 tablespoon of Epsom salt.

Procedure: Apply this mixture to the chin area with the use of a piece of clean cotton wool and leave it for about 10- 15minutes to be absorbed into the skin. You may now wash off with some water. Doing this daily should help you in getting rid of double chin.


how to get rid of double chin

Egg whites have been proven to help in keeping a healthy skin. More so, they possess chemicals that help in tightening the skin.

Procedure: Crack two eggs and mix along with a tablespoon of milk, honey and lemon juice. Add some drops of peppermint oil as well and stir. Apply this mixture to the chin area and leave for half an hour. Wash off with some warm water and dry the area. A daily application of this should get rid of double chin.


A sure successful way of how to get rid of double chin is by doing some weight lifting. This kind of training helps in tightening muscles. It also helps in burning calories and increasing the body’s metabolism. Doing this regularly helps keep the body in shape, as well as your chins which helps reduce double chin.


In getting rid of a double chin, care must be taken in the kind of food we take into the body.Foods that contain high amounts of calories must be avoided whereas the intake of foods that aid in burning calories must be increased. This will reduce the amount of calories that find their way to your face.


how to get rid of double chin

Cocoa butter contributes to improving the skin’s elasticity which helps solve the problem.

Procedure: Warm about three to five tablespoons of cocoa butter and apply the warm oil on your chin area for some minutes. You can do this twice daily to make it function more effectively.


Engaging in any exercises that keep you stretching your chin could potentially help you reduce double chin. The regular stretching of the chin area helps burn the calories that find themselves there and also help strengthen the muscles. This will help relieve stiffness in the neck and chin.

Procedure: You can gently turn your head clockwise and anticlockwise repeatedly for about ten times. Doing this about two to three times daily will prove helpful. Do this for a couple of weeks to see a change.

Caution: Always make sure your spine is erect while doing this to prevent any resulting complications.

Also, you may engage in jaw dropping exercises. Open your mouth wide and close and open and close. You should do this intermittently while using intervals of 5-10seconds. This helps burn some calories in the chin as well.

The above methods should help you reduce double chin. I wish you the best of luck and results.

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