Happily ever after is the dream of anyone that has the intention of enjoying a good marriage. After the celebration of every wedding, the guests at the wedding reception always end up wishing the couple a happy married life but when it comes to reality not all couple enjoy the fairy tale end of story of happily ever after or of enjoying a happy married life.  To enjoy a good marriage and to enjoy a happy marriage life, there are certain factors that have to be put in place and these factors can be said to be instrumental to a couple living happy ever after.

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And they lived happily ever after

happily ever after

To be able to start and ensure that a couple have and enjoy a happy married life, the couple will simply have to put great work into the marriage and continue to live happily ever after by taking these great factors into cognizance:

1: The factor of commitment

happily ever after

It is very essential that the two lovebirds that intend ending their marriage love story with “and they lived happily ever after” should put great effort into making the marriage work, they should be committed to ensuring that the marriage does not fail in any capacity that is even when it seems as though the marriage is shaky, the couple should still commit themselves to ensuring that it works and does not fail. This is probably the foundational factor that will help make yours a good marriage and make it become a success story just like those in the fairy tales.

2: The factor of true love

a good marriage

This is another factor that will help you have a happy married life and make you want to stay on and work to give yourself a happy married life. Work on your marriage to get a happy marriage life simply by making sure that you decide or even make up your mind on not giving up on your true love. Believing and knowing that you have found your true love was what motivated you into getting married to your spouse; it is also important that you work to ensure that the true love is not destroyed along the way by any kind of external factor.

3: The factor of maturity

a good marriage

This is another key factor that will help you have a happy ever after kind of marriage and it will help you keep on at making your marriage work. When you discover that you are now more mature than you used to be it will make you work hard at ensuring that your marriage works out because you are no longer young to start hopping from one relationship into another for the simple reason of being driven by your hormones.

4: The factor of loneliness

happy married life

This is another factor that will help to make you work hard at having a happy marriage life because when you are mature, you will discover that you do not want to live the rest of your life in a state of loneliness. You will want to spend your days living happily with the one that you love and sharing your dreams with such a person.

5: The factor of the children

happy married life

You will discover when you have had your children that you will want your marriage to work because of the children, you will not want anything that will tamper with the children’s happiness to come from your own end because you will discover that the happiness of the children is hugely dependent on your very own happiness. Making “and happily ever after” a reality in your life will become your singular great purpose in life.

6: The factor of tradition

happy ever after

Due to the fact that marriage and happy ever after is an age long tradition that has been proven to be successful over a very long period of time, you will want to make yours work so that your very own marriage can also be among the ones that will be used as an example of marriages that end with living happily ever after, that stood the test of time and came out successful. A good marriage is built by the people involved in the marriage and it can only be a success when it is built to succeed by the couple involved in the marriage.

7: The factor of a partner

happy ever after

Knowing that there is someone who is by your side that will be with you through every thick and thin of your life is another motivational factor that will help you enjoy your marriage. No matter what you are going through in life, the singular fact of knowing that you have a very reliable and dependable partner by your side will help you want to go through with your marriage and it will also make you want the marriage to be a success.

8: The factor of motivation

and they lived happily ever after

Knowing that there are people whose lives and happiness are dependent on the success of your marriage will go a very long way to make you want to live happily ever after with your spouse. The happiness of your spouse and that of your children is largely dependent on how you are motivated or pushed to make your marriage work.

9: The factor of adding meaning to your life

and they lived happily ever after

Marriage helps to add meaning to your life because it will help shape you and it will also help make your life have some degree of meaning as you will be more relaxed knowing that you have taken a huge step that will result into something wonderful, spectacular, unique and exciting in your life. A good marriage helps to put the days of being carefree as a spinster or even as a bachelor to an end in your life.

10: The factor of pleasing your parents

happy marriage life

Most children that are brought up in a healthy and a happy home will always desire to do things that will make their parents happy with them and getting married (living happily ever after) and keeping at it is one of such steps that will make your parents happy and proud of you. Your getting married will also make your parents know and believe that you are finally becoming mature and responsible to carry on with some tasks.

And they lived happily ever after which is synonymous to a happy married life can be made very possible in your life because in most successful marriages, happily ever after is never a cliché.

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