Anniversary Poems For Her

Anniversary Poems For Her

Here are Top 10 Best Anniversary Poems For Her…


Thanks for tolerating me

All this while

Thanks for being the reason

Behind my smile

Thanks for always easing

Every pain and sorrow

Thanks for making me

Look forward to tomorrow

Thanks for always pushing

Me towards success

Thanks for giving me

Unlimited happiness

Thanks for accompanying me

In the journey of my life

Thanks for being

Such an amazing wife

Happy anniversary


Whether it is big or small

Whether it is old or new

Everything in my life

Starts and ends with you

So, in my real life’s GOOGLE

If you were to search for the word LIFE

The first and only result will always be

A picture of you, captioned MY WIFE

Happy anniversary


The demons in my head

The nightmares I’ve had

The things I’ve feared

The habits that drove me mad

All of these have disappeared

Since you came in my life

Everything became meaningful

Since we became husband and wife

Happy anniversary


You’ve always been the one I counted on,

Through joy and sorrow, laughter, and some tears;

You keep me grounded; you’re my steady rock;

You’re there for me through days and months and years.


Your sweet devotion never, ever fails,

No matter what I say or what I do.

Sometimes I wonder what I ever did

To deserve someone as wonderful as you.


I love you with a love I can’t control;

I always want to be right by your side.

I want to touch you, kiss you and much more;

My passion for you cannot be denied.


Together we are satisfied and blessed;

Our marriage is the very, very best.


So much time has passed, my love,

since we met and married,

so much love each hour, day and minute.

Passion, yes, and also

tender looks, casual caresses, fond words

filling my memories with pleasure forever.

With you, sweetheart, every year,

every anniversary, is the best one yet.


Dear one…that’s what you are to me.

Years ago when we met, I fell in love with you.

Nothing has changed;

I love you still…more than ever.

When you’re not near me, I feel an emptiness

that I can’t seem to fill.

When you are near, I feel complete.

I cherish your love and companionship

and always hope to please you.

I always wish for your happiness,

for I love to see the sparkle in your eyes.

I never imagined that someone could be

as important as you are to me.

Please stay near

and love me as I love you.


Since the day when you walked down the aisle

I have been pinching myself to see if life was a dream

Everything seems so perfect, almost unreal

Just thinking about our marriage makes me beam

Tying the knot with you has turned out to be

The best decision I’ve made, by far

My life, what was once a dark night sky

Has now been illuminated by a bright star

Happy anniversary


You are like a rose

In my life’s garden

Without your fragrance

Life wouldn’t be fun

You are the sunrise

In my life’s horizon

Your undying love

Feels warm like the sun

You are like the moon

That lights up my nights

Your eternal beauty

Is like a radiant light

You are not just a woman

You are an angel

My darling to me you are

So priceless and special

Happy anniversary


An anniversary is not just about

The years that have passed

It is about all the happiness

That a couple has amassed

It is more than just a celebration

Of a really long journey

It is about celebrating life

As an unending festivity

Happy anniversary darling


If I could go back in time today,

Way before we met,

I’d search and find you right away,

To form our loving duet.


Far, far back, I’d go for you,

To marry you much sooner;

We’d tie the knot, and you would be

My amorous honeymooner.


I love our anniversary now;

I’m happier every year;

I just wish there’d been more time

For me to love you, Dear!

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