Sinusitis shouldn’t become a constant worry to you. You can do away with it. Levaquin and Amoxicillin are very common antibiotics for sinus infection combat.

antibiotics for sinus infection

The purpose of these drugs is to eliminate and prevent the growth of bacteria in the sinus. They are not the only alternatives for getting rid of sinusitis though. They may be used for severe sinusitis or when home remedies fail. Some antibiotics might not work properly for some people. When you try one type of antibiotics and you don’t see improvement after about 3 days, you must try another kind as well. If you still do not get any positive responses, you may need to seek other medical solutions. Taking in corticosteroids and decongestants also go a long way to liberate the sinus.

Talking about sinus infection antibiotics, amoxicillin is the 1st choice. It isvery effective as it quickly relieves the sinus from infection as well as having very minimum side effects.


There are important things you must know while using antibiotics for sinus infection.

  1. Try a different antibiotic if there are no signs of improvement after using a type of antibiotic drug for about 3days.
  2. The length of treatment is dependent on your general health recovery rate (immune system strength), the severity of the sinus infection as well as the kind of antibiotic drug.
  3. When you begin to feel better, do not quit taking the medications until the doctor says so – the causative bacteria may not be totally eliminated from the sinus.
  4. It is risky for nursing mothers and pregnant women to use these without a doctor’s prescription – they may harm the baby. See your doctor for a safer prescription.


  • Pain relief Analgesics – These serve a good person of relieving you from the pain that results from acute sinusitis.
  • Decongestants–These sinus infection antibiotics help in tearing and thinning out the thick accumulation of mucus that cause the nostrils to be choked.
  • Inhaled/Intranasal corticosteroids – Usually available only when prescribed and helps speed up recovery in both acute and chronic sinusitis. Example; Triamcinolone acetonide (Nasacort) as a nasal spray can be found in many pharmacies.
  • Saline nasal irrigation – Is also effective for sinusitis relief.

To sum up, the advice I would give to you is to use home remedies for mild sinusitis whiles you may resort to antibiotics for sinus infection that are severe. Have a nice day.

P.S. All medicines should be taken carefully after consulting any health practitioner.

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