Stretch marks are awkward lines that formulate and appear in the skin. They can appear in any part of the body; the thighs, upper arms or armpit area, buttocks, breasts and the belly. It is normally caused by rapid gains or losses in body weight. It is of no surprise that most pregnant women develop these marks. Likewise, every fat guy out there is likely to have traces of stretch marks in their skins. However, it is also influenced by heredity factors and sudden variations or new developments in physical conditions including stress.

how to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks have never been pleasant and never will be. Some people have already given up on getting rid of stretch marks. Have you ever been in that position where you went to the beach or the pool side and couldn’t show off your gorgeous bikini due to stretch marks on your skin? In the worst of scenarios, I bet you are not waiting to be the next man or woman scaring theirpartners away with bizarre stretch marks.Have you been left wandering how to get rid of stretch marks? Now is the time to get rid of stretch marks.


To get rid of stretch marks, there are natural options and chemical options. You should know which one to choose after reading this.


You can get rid of stretch marks by using any of the chemicals below. However, you should remember they may have some side effects.


how to get rid of stretch marks

Since stretch marks are caused by stretching, your body is likely to tear more and produce stretch marks if it is dehydrated and dry. You need to use more lotions to keep it hydrated to avoid tears which create stretchmarks.

Lotions can be applied on fresh stretch marks or at places where you suspect them to appear. Note that they work better on new stretch marks than older ones.


how to get rid of stretch marks
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Retin-A is proven as a collagen production enhancer, which helps skin stretch out and avoids severe tears. Note that Retin-A alone can be used for getting rid of stretch marks. However, a combination of Retin-A and glycolic acid intensely improves upon the appearance of stretch marks. When doing this, always remember to smear your skin with Retin-A before applying glycolic acid.

CAUTION: Retin- A has chemicals that can cause severe birth defects. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers. You also need to avoid direct contact with the sun when treating it as it can make the skin more prone to burns.


With new stretch marks, this cream works incredibly by enhancing the body’s collagen rebuilding capacity. Apply it regularly to affected areas for maximum effectiveness. You should note as a point of caution that it can have serious effects on foetus and so shouldn’t be used by pregnant women.


The natural options are recommended for people who want to play it safe. They have no adverse side effects. If you are a pregnant or nursing mother, you should look at any of these.


how to get rid of stretch marks

Aloe Vera has been proven to be generally good for the skin and sun burns.You should care to know that it is also good for getting rid of stretch marks. It is natural, and unlike the chemical options, it is very safe for use during and after pregnancy. Squeeze out some Aloe Vera gel and rub it on your skin till it is absorbed. Leave it for some minutes and wipe off the residue with some warm water. You should have a better skin after some few months of daily application.


how to get rid of stretch marks

This may sound awkward but it works. Potato contains minerals and vitamins that help restore skin cells. You may be figuring out what to do with it. You need to chop your potato into sizeable pieces and rub them over the affected areas of your skin, making sure it is juicy. As it dries after some period, wash off the residue with some warm water. A daily application of this should help you get rid of stretch marks after some weeks.


Lemon juice is universally proven to reduce freckles. The natural bleaching agent in lemon juice helps to get rid stretch marks. Rub the juice from the lemon on the affected area daily and wait for about 5- 10minutes before you wash it off. This procedure gradually makes it fade away and you should notice some change after a couple of weeks.

You have got your solution somewhere up there. Get yourself prepared to get rid of those marks that have embarrassed you for long.

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