Benefits Of Meditation For Sleep

The benefits of meditation cannot be over emphasized due to its soothing effect on the brain, and the body. It has a strong relaxation effect by virtue of the reduction in brain activity during the time of meditation. One of the best sleep meditation types is deep sleep meditation.

Benefits Of Meditation For Sleep
Benefits Of Meditation For Sleep

Meditation benefits stems from the control it has on the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous systems, one of such is the calming of the heart rate. The sympathetic nervous system ensures that your body organs respond to external stimuli in ‘flight-of-fight mode’. However this may be short-termed, also depending on how often you perform meditation for sleep.

Have you ever been in a position where 3 out of 4 voices in your head want to sleep while the others wants to know if penguins  have knees, then you need meditation to sleep.

I personally noticed that deep meditation helps me to sleep peacefully in the midst of anxiety and troubled mind.

Several studies has shown that there is an enhanced state of slow wave sleep when you practice ‘mindfulness’ meditation.

“through several neuroimaging studies and research, meditation leads to more regular sleep cycles and peaceful night rest”

One of the meditation benefits is that it improves the quality of life for the elderlies especially those in their 60s. meditation may be used by people of all age groups including the younger population.

There are several ‘meditation for sleep’ techniques you may adopt which are listed as follows:

The following are other benefits of meditation

1. Meditation has been shown to boost the level of melatonin, a sleep regulator. This was confirmed by plasma melatonin level measured in a controlled test to determine its effect in those who practice meditation and those who doesn’t.

2. Best sleep meditation benefits has been linked to night time deep meditation as it helps to treat insomnia.

3. Improved cognitive behaviour

4. Meditation helps to boost sex libido in aged men who uses meditation as improved sleep quality helps to fine tune and improve the production of testerone in the elderlies.

5. It helps to regulate heart rhythm and control the body bio-clock.

6. Sleep meditation helps to enhance REM (rapid eye movement) cycles during sleep.

If you have been experiencing poor sleep cycles and insomnia, you may engage in activities that helps to clear out your mind such as meditation to sleep peacefully.

Some of the best recommended meditation exercises are as follows:

1. When you lie on your bed, close your eyes, take slow and carefully controlled breath starting with your nose to inhale and exhale through your mouth.

2. Visualize and concentrate your thought on how your body is moving as your breathe.

3. Visualize that your breath is reaching and touch each and every parts of your body.

4. Repeat words verbally and severally- you may try the word ‘relax’.

5. Another meditation exercise you may try is by visualizing water flowing out of transparent glass cup in an animated form, and spreading around on the floor;see the water turning into a flood,then rushing back into the cup again, this will help to focus your mind on a single object, you may not know when you will zoom off to slumber land.

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