Which whatsapp messages are best for my status? That’s up to you.

Can I use simple whatsapp messages from friends as my status? That one too is up to you.

In fact, everything about whatsapp messages (receiving, sending, sharing etc.) is up to you. However, you want to make the best out of them don’t you?

Ultimate guide: Unless about something unusual, whatsapp messages for your status must be very brief. Example; Been thinking too much.

whatsapp status message

Take some time to read my short story.

When I first registered my cell number on whatsapp, I had “Hey there! I am using WhatsApp” as my whatsapp status message. Come on; that is completely archaic and unfashionable. Everyone automatically had that as their first whatsapp status message. I had to change my status as soon as possible. Why? Everyone was gonna know I was new on there and that made me feel like I was untrendy. I looked through some of the default whatsapp status messages for a quick fix and I saw stuff like Sleeping, At work, Busy etc. None of these whatsapp status messages had the kind of info I wanted, neither did it reflect my mood. However, I quickly changed my whatsapp status message to Busy. Why? I needed some time to formulate a cool whatsapp status message and abreast myself with the app. Since invention has always been tougher than reproduction, I Googled out “best whatsapp status messages,” “whatsapp statuses,”etc. Finally I came up with my first and a couple of the best whatsapp status messages for my whatsapp statuses. Now, the time had come to pm my contacts with all kinds of whatsapp messages. Really, is it that fun? I never knew. Whatsapp messages get even cooler when they come in the form of videos, audios, images etc. As time went on, I changed my whatsapp statuses, repeated some, and deleted some.

Many years afterwards, I no longer rely on the web for my whatsapp status message. Guess what? Now, I create and share interesting, cool, funny and unique whatsapp status messages during my leisure periods. It is fun, and I think it helps my brain’s art of creativity. You can read a few of my best whatsapp status messages below.


If you think no one cares, stop deceiving yourself. That old pal of yours that hasn’t messaged you for over a year is spying on your whatsapp statuses. To get lots of whatsapp messages flowing in, you should use the best whatsapp status messages.

Your whatsapp status messages must contain the exact information you want to put across – Your mood, life, upcoming event etc. To shorten the long talk, just relax, read and enjoy these special whatsapp messages for your status, anduse them as and when you want to.

  1. I’m always dreaming of being a millionaire. It’s about time I woke up to being a millionaire

  2. Even those I curse get blessed. Why? I’m a blessing.

  3. Why I never get broken-hearted? I never give it to destroyers

  4. Stop loving the ones you love; love the ones that love you

  5. I used to worry about being hated. Now, I know it’s because I am unique.

  6. No one cares, but I am not worried. I am self-caring

  7. Why we can’t love those that love us: The moon orbits the Earth, but the Earth revolves around the Sun.

  8. Chill out bro. Commodity prices have risen, but price is still spelt “PRICE”.

  9. The most perfect woman can only be found in a single place; your mind

  10. Who’s next tonight? I am free for a date

I am sure you’ll use, at least one, for your whatsapp status message. You know the amazing thing; each single whatsapp status message above was formulated by me. I only formulated them, under 10 minutes, as and when I was writing this article. That is how easy writing a whatsapp status message can be. Most importantly, feel free about whatever you want to use for your whatsapp statuses. Afterall, it is your own status.

Have a nice day.