Writing happy Birthday Poems for Friends is also another special way of showing the birthday celebrant that he or she is special to the poet or the person that engaged the services of the poet in writing the happy birthday poems for the birthday celebrant. It is also very great to let people feel special, loved and well appreciated on their birthdays and this is definitely what the happy Birthday Poems for Friends help to do for the celebrant. It is therefore very important that you not just write poems that appear to be general in nature whenever you make up your mind to write happy birthday poems for a celebrant.

Birthday Poems For Friends
Birthday Poems For Friends

Happy Birthday Poems For Friends

Here Are Top 10 Happy Birthday Poems For Friends…


Happy birthday my best friend,

Amazing times, we always spend.

Laughter and jokes are common place,

Since we built that solid base.


Special friend that I hold dear,

Always wish to have you near.

We get along, like bread with honey,

A friendship worth, much more than money.


If you stumble, count me there,

Gratitude; no need to declare.

Your thoughts are clear, in my mind,

Understanding we always find.


Happy birthday my best friend,

I’m excited to attend.

This birthday poem, is just for you,

A great big smile is overdue.


Candles and cakes just for you,

Feel the magic as everything is new,

My friend my best wishes for you this day,

I just have some words to say,

Stay blessed and have an awesome day,

Wish you a very happy birthday!


Birthday Poems For Friends
Birthday Poems For Friends

What I am today is not

My doing alone

There is another reason

For the way in which I’ve grown

How my life has shaped up

Owes itself to many things

One of them being you

A best friend who’s given me wings

My identity is incomplete

Without your contribution

That’s my toast to you

On your birthday celebration

Happy birthday


Our friendship has no shape

It can’t be measured with a tape

Our friendship flows like water

It adapts according to the situation and matter

Our friendship tastes like cake

It is sweet, cute and never fake

Our friendship feels genuine and true

Here’s wishing a happy birthday to you


Gold, diamond and platinum rings,

All these jewels don’t mean a thing,

You presence glows everything,

And adds happiness with meaning,

You mean so much to everyone of us,

Sending you all the best wishes with love,

Many many happy returns of the day!


Birthday Poems For Friends
Birthday Poems For Friends

Jump into a brand new life,

Every thing is changed,

So join us to celebrate,

Let life bring you happiness,

B’coz today is very special,

So enjoy it with lots of pleasure.

Best wishes on your birthday!


Do you remember the time?

Trekked forests; mountains climb.

Witnessed gorgeous sight,

Friendship smiles, true delight.


Made it through, many years,

Mutually conquered, deepest fears.

Trials, tested, on occasion,

Inner struggles, surprise invasion.


Growth and change, rarely predict,

Our friendship, time has picked.

Moments frozen; timeless bond,

A birthday wish shines beyond.


I love being your best friend

It is the easiest thing to do

I just have to be myself

And share all my secrets with you

Hanging out with you is awesome

Spending time with you drives my worries away

May all your dreams come true

Is my wish on your birthday


So many people live around you,

But not all get close to your heart.

Some become so dear

That with their thoughts, its beating starts.

You are the one to whom

I’ll give my care to the most.

Your absence makes me feel in life

As if everything is completely lost.

Your birthday was in my mind,

Wishes though I couldn’t convey.

There were so many hurdles

Standing tall in the way.

I have prayed for your good life

And mental peace with good health.

The rest of things are just temporary,

Only these will be your real wealth.


Happy birthday from all your friends,

We hope you’re birthday never ends.


There’s one more thing you need to know,

That we all love you so.

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