Have you already been in love? What are the things that you can do for love? I’m guessing you are saying everything. But how do you want your special someone’s birthday become indeed memorable? Simple, apart from love send some birthday wishes for lover.  Make these birthday wishes for lover as the words you would want him or her to hear, be it the declaration of your love, the desires of your heart, your dreams and aspirations for him or her as an individual or for both of you as  couple.

Your most beloved would sure appreciate receiving these birthday wishes for lover. They would be something that he or she could remember for the rest of his or her life. The person may have forgotten the exact words written on your birthday wishes for lover. However, he or she can never forget how these simple gift made him or her feel. So don’t just make sending these be one of your options. Just do it, for them to have and experience the feeling of having the best gift on earth. Also, if the person truly loves you, these words would be more appreciated, for it came from someone dear to them.

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • I promise that your birthday will be awesome, fun and full of beautiful memories, just like how you’ve made my life to be. Happy Birthday My Love.

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • If you were any sweeter, your cake would be jealous of you. Happy Birthday My Love.

  • I wanted to gift wrap my love for you but a box large enough to fit all of it has not been made yet. Happy birthday sweetie.

  • If I could be any planetary object, I’d be the moon so I can orbit around you and shine my radiance on you at night. Happy Birthday My Love.

  • I never knew I was so good looking until the day a gorgeous princess like you, agreed to go out on a date with me. Happy Birthday My Love.

  • I can’t understand what is the big deal with Mona Lisa’s smile. Obviously the world hasn’t seen you smile. Happy birthday sweetie.

  • Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl! You deserve all the love and happiness in the world. Happy Birthday My Love

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • Even when I am depressed and sad, you are the medicine that always brings back my grin. With you beside me, I know I will always win. Happy Birthday My Love..

  • Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl! You deserve all of the love and happiness in the world. Happy Birthday My Love

  • My love, may all of your wishes be fulfilled by the time you blow the candles on your cake. Happy Birthday My Love.

  • Happy Birthday to my best friend, my love, my soul mate, my emergency contact, my compliance hotline, and my agony aunty. I love you, dear.

  • You and I are a perfect match- if you fall, I will be there to catch you. You and I are the perfect two- I love you and you love me. Happy Birthday My Love.

  • On your birthday, I want to let you know that I will never fight in a way to break us up, but I will fight until my last breath to do whatever it takes to save our relationship. Happy Birthday My Love.

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • We began as strangers, embraced as friends and kissed like lovers- this is one journey I would never change. Happy Birthday My Love.

  • Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. Happy Birthday My Love

  • Happy Birthday, sexy. Another year older and still you drive me wilder every day! Happy Birthday My Love

  • True love is the gift we all possess and you are my true love. Happy Birthday Darling

  • Wishing you a “Happy Birthday” is not the only way I can show you my love. Let’s get into our birthday suits and express ourselves! Happy Birthday My Love!

  • Wishing the best of everything because you’re the best. I love you. Happy birthday sweetie!

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • Without you, my life would be empty and incomplete. Happy birthday and thank you for making me part of your life. Happy Birthday My Love

  • Thick and thin till death do us apart… I’ll take care of you.To me your birthday is a precious day .. I hope it brings you joy in every way.I love you. Happy Birthday My Love

  • Wanted to show you how much i care, i thought of reading you a love poem, I thought of asking the sun to send you caressing warm ranes and from the birds sing you a love tune, but all that pales to your inner beauty so all is left to say is happy birthday, i Love you. Happy Birthday My Love

  • Being with you the every day of the year is what is worth for me, so your birthday is just another day of celebration. Happy birthday and joy for all your days. Happy Birthday My Love

  • I wish I could share the way I feel right now with every sad person in the city. You fill my heart with happiness and give a reason to smile. May you have everything you wish for your birthday! Happy Birthday My Love

  • Every time when I see you, I fall in love with you all over again. Happy birthday to my wonderful girlfriend! Happy Birthday My Love

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • I am so happy that I can celebrate your special day with you. I would be lost without you. Happy Birthday My Love!

  • You’re so special that the world should know to stop turning for 24 hours, so everyone can celebrate the special day of its most special citizen: you wonderful you! Have a special birthday, my love!

  • You are my love, my life, my happiness! I promise to make your Big Day especially lovely and sweet! Happy Birthday My Love

  • Honey, you rock my world more than the heaviest metal band, more than anybody else ever could. Now I’m here to return the favor. Let’s make your birthday rock all night long! I love you. Happy Birthday My Love

  • Let your 16th year help your break new ground and take you further than you ever could have imagined. Have a great, one-of-a-kind birthday! Happy Birthday My Love

  • You are always complaining that the gifts I give you seem to say that I do not know you at all.Well this year, you’re in for a surprise. Happy Birthday My Love.

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • You are gorgeous, captivating, great, fabulous, fascinating… You rock! You roll! You are my babe, my squeeze, my lady… Oh yeah, happy birthday too! Happy Birthday My Love

  • I cherish you for a lot of things but this year I finally understood what I cherish about you the most. The fact that you re not at the lest, condescending, ironic or judgmental. Thank you for being your wonderful self honey and happy birthday. Happy Birthday My Love

  • Seeing you always brightens my day because you are so pretty, inside and out. Happy birthday to the girl who brings joy to my life! Happy Birthday My Love

  • I realize I sometimes get very frustrated with all your jealousy, but I have to admit, I kind of like it too, that you care so much about me. So, happy birthday my little jealous cat.

  • Happy Birthday to a girl who lights up the sky like fireworks. You have to be the most beautiful woman that I have ever laid eyes on. Happy Birthday My Love

  • Hey babe, it’s your birthday and I want to make it special by saying there has never been anyone in my life as wonderful as you are. Happy Birthday My Love

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • I would like to take a special girl out on a special date for her special birthday, and show her a very special time. Happy Birthday My Love

  • I love you beyond what words can convey. You mean the world to me, and today, I wish you a Happy Birthday My Love.

  • You are not just my boyfriend,you are also my best friend! happy birthday love !

  • A special birthday wish, for the most special person in my life: I wish we’ll be there for each other for all the years to come, darker or lighter ones. With all my love, happy birthday!

  • To the man that makes me weak in my knees when I see him. Happy Birthday My Love.

  • You are cooler than the flip side of the pillow. Happy Birthday My Love.

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • Happy Birthday My Love. You have the ability to take away my blues and make me smile – and just by being a lovable you.

  • You are my one and only man. Happy Birthday My Love.

  • I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a boyfriend like you. Same pinch, because you are the luckiest boyfriend in the world to have a girlfriend like me. Happy Birthday My Love.

  • Happy Birthday to my lover. My feelings for you will stand the test of time. Know that I am with you forever and will always love you. Happy Birthday My Love

  • When we are together, we can do anything, and fly high and free. May your birthday bring you to new heights. Happy Birthday My Love

  • It may sound cliché, but you are my everything, and I could not imagine this life without you in it. Happy Birthday My Love.

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • You are the light, the joy, and the love of my life. I hope you have the happiest birthday ever. Happy Birthday My Love

  • I wish you feel for me, the same as I do for you at this moment, now and forever. Let me be part of your best birthday wishes tonight! Happy Birthday My Love

  • I love your eyes, I love the way hold me in your arms, the fact that you are always there when need you, but especially the way you make my knees quaver . Happy birthday my love.

  • I can’t be with you on your birthday, so I’m sending you all the hugs, kisses and love in my heart for all the times you miss me. Happy birthday sweetheart!

  • Your Facebook page may be full of birthday wishes from many friends and family but mine is the only one that comes with oodles of hugs, kisses and love. Happy birthday my prince!

  • Happy birthday. Wherever we are, that’s where I want to be, right next to you. It’s my favorite spot in the world. Happy Birthday My Love

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • There are good days and there are bad days. Every day with you is not a good day — it’s the best day ever, especially your birthday. Happy Birthday My Love

  • I wish all your dreams become true on this special day, as mine became the day I met you. Happy Birthday My Love

  • Here’s to wishing all of your dreams come true on your Happy Birthday My Love!

  • Your Birthday is such a special day in my life- almost as special as you are to me. Happy Birthday baby!

  • You are my heart’s desire. Happy Birthday My Love.

  • You swept me off my feet when you were younger, Don’t let another year keep you from doing it again. Happy Birthday My Love.

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • Even a DOUBLE RAINBOW couldn’t make my heart flutter like you do. Happy Birthday My Love.

  • I don’t how it is possible, but I love you even more today than yesterday. Happy Birthday Love.

  • Today is the absolute perfect day to tell you how much I love you and how special you are to me. Happy Birthday my love!

  • On your special day, I want to send you a thousand words, but I will try to sum it up in three: Where’s the party? Just kidding- Happy Birthday baby!

  • Happy birthday to the guy whose smiles and laughter I live by. Thanks for making my life tick. Happy Birthday Love

  • Being in a relationship with you is crazier than the craziest roller coaster ride. I love my life, all thanks to a wonderful boyfriend like you. Happy Birthday Love.

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • Falling in love with you is the only fall I have ever enjoyed. Happy Birthday Love

  • Every second, my love for you grows. By the time you finish reading this message, my love for you will be tenfold. Happy Birthday Love!

  • I kissed this message a thousand times before I sent it. I wish that it had been you. Happy Birthday Love.

  • Every time I think about you my heart sings! Happy Birthday Love.

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • Happy birthday! I can’t tell you how much I love you and how wonderful I feel when I’m with you, especially on your special day. Oops, I guess I just did! Happy Birthday Love

  • I don’t like being called your girlfriend because I am not just a girl who is your friend. From now on, I just want to be called your girl. Happy birthday boy.

  • As you cut your birthday cake, I promise that your heart I’ll never break. As we sing your birthday song, I promise that for you my heart will always long. Happy Birthday Love.

  • My thoughts are always with you every hour of the day. No matter how far we may be, remember you are never alone. In fact, tonight you can also have me. Happy Birthday Love!

  • Cold winter days and warm summer nights are ahead of us! I wish you’ll be next to me in all of them. Have a wonderful birthday! Happy Birthday Love

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • Happy Birthday to the man who has always been there for me. Whether rain or shine, I’m so happy and grateful that I can call you mine. Happy Birthday Love

  • I remember the butterflies I got in my tummy on my first day of school. That doesn’t compare to the feeling I get every time we are together. Lots of love on your special day! Happy Birthday Love

  • Happy Birthday Love! You are my light in the dark, you are my sun on a cloudy day, and you are my warm blanket on a cold winter night.

  • Pets I adore, flowers I appreciate too. Although, there’s nothing I’d love more than celebrating this special day of yours as a date for two. Happy Birthday Love

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