The bladder is a reservoir that stores all the liquid waste products that descends from the kidney through the ureter.

Bladder infection also known as cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder by micro-organisms.

Bladder Infection Symptoms
Bladder Infection Symptoms

Bladder infection symptoms presents through the external orifices- the urethra in different forms. One of such forms is coloration of the urine, and its output volume. Some factors  to consider among others when evaluating bladder infections are the following:

Urine volume, constancy of urination and strong odor.

Bladder infection in men may be accompanied by symptoms such as frequent urge to urinate, and urinary incontinence, bloody tinged urine among others, and depending on the type of infection and the causative organism.

Men who have prostrate enlargement as well as those who has urinary catheter in place are at a higher risk of having bladder infection.

One of the indicated bacteria that causes bladder infection is E. Coli., others are chamydia and mycoplasmas. They thrive in acidic environment.

Bacterial infection can be easily established after sex, thus the reason why men especially should endeavor to urinate after sex, to clear the pipes.

Some studies have suggested that boy that are not circumcised at birth are at higher risk of having bladder infection due to aggregation of bacterial organisms under the foreskin.

Signs and symptoms of bladder infection

Signs of bladder infection are very subtle at first before they presents signs of chronic infection. The following highlights few of the signs you might notice if you have bladder infection:

  1. Persistent urge to urinate. The urgency increases with the level of inflammation.
  2. Pus-filled or cloudy urine which occasionally might have traces of blood.
  3. The acidity of the urethral surrounding environment increases thus the attraction of more bacteria species.

Bladder infections symptoms in women

It has been reported that women are very prone to bladder infection than men, due to the  fact that they have a shorter urethra, so also the vaginal and the anal structures are very proximal to the bladder. It is not contagious so cannot be transmitted.

One major complication associated with bladder infection is the spread of the infection to the bladder which may result in kidney diseases which can be more dangerous.

Pregnant women’s urinary tracts are often checked during antenatal clinics to check for any bacterial growth as they can easily be infected.

The following are symptoms experienced by women that have bladder infection:

  1. Pelvic pain, lower back and abdominal pain. This is mostly noticeable when the bladder is fully filled, getting filled or when having coitus.
  2. Painful urination coupled with smell.

Pregnant women are at a higher risk due to the abundance of hormones released during pregnancy.

Bladder infection symptoms such as occasional fever and chills, nausea and vomiting suggests that the infection may probably have spread to the kidney.

Other symptoms of bladder infection

Bladder infection symptoms become aggravated when the acidity of the genitals’ area becomes more acidic. Conditions such as diabetes and pregnancy may increase the acidity.

  1. Frequency of urination. Those who are affected may feel a stronger urge to urinate as much as 40 times a day.
  2. Pain in lower abdomen.
  3. Burning sensation during urinating.

When you start having all these aforementioned symptoms, check with your doctor. Your urine samples might be required for microbiological tests. Other diseases may be discovered in the course of undergoing diagnostic test if you report early.

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