The Call of duty black ops 3 is a first person shooter game. It is based as a military science fiction. The game was developed by Treyarch and released on the 6th of November 2015. The Call of duty black ops 3 is centered on the previous Call of duty story line but has minor changes to it. Call of duty black ops is one of the best games developed by Treyarch.

Call of duty black ops 3

There are several Call of Duty black ops 3 reviews online. They all have various opinions about the game. Below is a Call of Duty black ops 3 review that will highlight the pros and cons of the gaming experience from my perspective.

The Pros

Design: Call of Duty black ops 3 is a shooter game that gives you wide space for movement with different settings and scenes. There is a wide space for visual movements. The soldiers have realistic human features, dressed in titanium made breastplate. The weapons used in the game are also highly developed and expensive looking. Each new stage has its own setting and images, giving you a feel of a different experience.

Settings: Call of Duty black ops 3 has a new way of customizing. It is an improved system of the previous game. It has 10 slots for equipment and weapons and each player has a weapon that needs to be charged as the game is played. The multiplayer options come with amazing locations to choose from.

The cons

After playing Call of Duty black ops 3 for several hours, there are no new discoveries; it becomes a cycle.The excitement then starts to fade away. You get stuck with aiming, shooting, reloading and repeating the same thing over and over again.

Some of the same old cities from the previous game are repeated in the new one. This makes those cities easy to play. The Zombies map barely has any changes and makes it super easy to clear that stage also.

Call of Duty black ops 3 has some really difficult stages that seem impossible to accomplish. After several tries I am sure most gamers will opt for the quit option.

Call of Duty black ops 3 also has series of stages that is basically about killing enemies, figuring your way around a confusing path with lots of deviations. The game lacks activities and tasks that involve teamwork or challenges that make the multiplayer interesting and fun. The multiplayer task is basically about facing several enemies instantaneously. The excitement is all about killing several enemies with the help of other people.


Most Call of Duty black ops 3 reviews have good remarks about the game. From this Call of Duty black ops 3 review the design and graphics of the game are exceptional and of high quality. The settings and customization options are also improved. The game has many stages and features from the previous game. This makes it quite easy to play. My overall rating is 7/10.

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