Lower left abdominal pain is very specific and it’s suggestive of medical conditions which affect anatomical structures proximal to that very site in the body such as the urinary tract, reproductive structures, appendix (a vestigial structure serving no particular function in the digestive process) etc. Left lower abdominal pain often present as tender feeling and chronic pain.

Lower left abdominal pain
Lower left abdominal pain

Pain in lower left abdomen is also suggestive of digestive problems and as such there are several issues that can cause pain in the lower abdomen which are enumerated below:

Causes for lower left abdominal pain

1. Constipation

This is building up of gas within the gastric cavity as a result of indigestion which produces persistent pain in left lower quadrant (LLQ).Constipation may result from consumption of low-fiber foods such as heavy starchy foods, meats and dehydration or taking insufficient water during and after meals.

2. Peptic ulcer

Peptic ulcer is a result of excess production of gastric acid which eats up the intestinal walls thus affecting micro-flora population within the gastric cavity. This acid may also produce sharp pain in lower left abdomen.

3. Ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease

When diagnosing these two diseases, one of the first line symptoms to look out for is lower left abdominal pain. These two are instances of bowel inflammatory diseases or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and may be accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting and nausea, rectal bleeding (occasionally).

4. Urinary tract infections

These includes bladder infections, kidney disease, and cystitis. One of the first line symptoms to look out for is abdominal pain. Left kidney infections and left kidney stones may also produce the same symptoms which oftentimes may be accompanied by burning sensation during urination and hematuria among others.

5. Ectopic pregnancy

This is referred to as false embryo growing within the fallopian tube or other parts of the female reproductive system other than the uterus. This may cause excruciating left lower abdominal pain which if not declared an emergency and treated as such may lead to death.

6. Diverticulitis

This is a disease characterized by the inflammation of pouches or small sacs or pockets (diverticulosis) within the large intestine wall. It occasionally forms within the small intestine as well. Some of the hallmarks of diverticulitis is lower left abdominal pain, swelling in the left lower quadrant region, and diarrhea.

7. Endometriosis

This is peculiar to women, it involves growth of uterine tissues outside the uterine cavity. This often presents with pain in lower left abdomen, pain during menstruation and urinating and constipation.

8. Pelvic inflammatory diseases (PIDs)

PIDssuch polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), ovarian torsion, ovarian cancer and left ovarian cysts are serious medical conditions that affects only women and this causes a lot of pain oftentimes restricted to the left side of the abdomen.

9. Intestinal obstruction

This could be as a result of hernia, tumor or intestinal adhesion. It often presents abdominal cramps which comes and goes, inability to pass gas or stool and swollen abdomen.

10. Mittelschmerz

This is also known as ovulation pain. Some of the symptoms that may accompany this is vaginal spotting, irregular periods, dull aching pelvic pain which may spread to the back and the groin area.

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