Pain in left arm could be seen people of any age group but it is common in middle-aged people and it affects women mostly. It may not linked to anything serious but occasionally, left arm pain might be suggestive of heart diseases due to its proximity to the heart. The best possible way to know if it is anything serious is to see your doctor. However, here are some of the few possible causes of left arm pain.

pain in left arm
pain in left arm

Causes of pain in left arm

1. Poor blood circulation

Poor circulation of blood in the arm may cause gangrene or pain. This may occur from the constriction of blood vessels in the arm due to trauma, diseases, thrombolism (blood clots), and putting pressure on the arm due to your sleeping position. This may be accompanied by numbness in the arm as well as dull pain which increases with severity of the blood vessel.

This may be remedied by using warm water massage on the arm before and after sleep and taking vitamin C & B12 supplements.

2. Nerve pinching

This may be caused by poor posture which puts pressure on the arm.Some of the symptoms of nerve pinching is numbness and pin/needle sensation in the arm as well as left arm pain when the affected nerve is for the left arm.

3. Physical injuries to the left arm

Accidents, trauma, injuries such as sprain and muscle strains may cause over stretching of the ligaments, and muscle tears such that the resultant effect is pain in left arm. Also, heavy lifting and strenuous exercises may also cause these symptoms.

4. Stress

Stress may predispose the body to produce chemicals which raises the risk of panic attacks. This often produces pain in left arm, instant profuse sweating and chest pain. It is very common in women who experience extreme stress.

5. Injury to the rotator cuff

The rotator cuff is a set of muscles and tendons that enables flexibility at turning the shoulders. Overuse of these set of muscles may result in pain. If left untreated, it may increase in severity.

6. Angina pectoris (angina pain)

This is sudden sharp experienced when there is an inadequate supply of oxygen to the heart muscles vasculature. This may result in excruciating pain which spreads to the left arm, neck, jaw area, shoulder and upper abdomen. Angina pain spreading to the left arm might be a sign of serious underlying conditions.

7. Heart attack (also known as myocardial infarction)

Heart attack is caused by prolonged inadequate supply of oxygen to the heart muscles.This may be an extension of angina pain, and it may also lead to congestive heart failure. Heart attacks may produce pain in the left arm, right arm; chest squeezing and may also cause shortness of breath on exertion.

8. Injury to the left brachial plexus

The brachial plexus is a network of nerves which originates from the spine; gives signal to the complete arm- the shoulder, arm and hand. Injuries to these bundle of nerves may produce excruciating pain in the left arm.

9. Inflammation of the tendons

When tendons (fibrous cords which connects your muscles to the bones) are inflammed, via injuries or repetitive use, this may give rise to shaky arm. Other common names for this condition is tendonitis, tennis elbow or pitcher’s shoulder.

10. Left arm fractures

Fractures such as broken arm, wrist may result in severe pain depending on which of the arms is affected. This may actually lead to nerve pinching and other serious medical issues if not treated urgently.

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