Pain in left side of chest is often a thing of concern to many as it may be a sign of serious medical issues such as pneumonia, bronchitis, pericarditis, heart diseases etc. In every causal factors of chest pain left side, inflammation is indicated. For instance pericarditis is usually associated with inflammation of the pericardium, the outer covering of the heart. This may lead to pericardial effusion a condition where there is an impinging pressure within the chest. The resulting pain may be localized to the left side of the chest while at other times may spread to the right and the back.

Pain in left side of chest
Pain in left side of chest

Causes of chest pain

Left side chest pain may be caused by the following medical conditions enumerated as follows:

1. Cardiac ischemia

This medical condition is caused by inadequate or constricted blood supply to the heart musculature and as such may result in the heart muscle cells to start dying until the heart can no longer function as it should be. Cardiac ischemia often produce sharp pain in left side of chest, this pain often referred to as angina pectoris.

2. Heart attack

This is also an extension of cardiac ischemia. When the heart stops getting adequate blood supply, oxygen flow is impacted and as such, the heart muscle finds it hard to contract and relax effectively, this may also produce chest pain on left side.

3. Neuralgia

A special instance of this is intercostal neuralgia characterized by injury to the intercostal nerves which lies between the ribs in the chest. This can cause severe left side chest pain.

4. Costochondritis

This is the inflammation of the costo-sternal joints (points where the ribs fused into the sternum), this cause left chest pain. Left side of the chest is where this pain is mostly felt, it also depend on the ribs affected.

5. Respiratory tract infections

Diseases such as pneumonia, COPDs (obstructive pulmonary diseases) may also produce pain in the left side of chest, as well pain in right depending on which of the lungs is mostly affected. Other symptoms noticeable in instances like this are coughing which complicates the pain, sputum production and shortness of breath.

6. Gastric acid refluxes

Gastric esophageal reflux diseases can also produce heart burn with pain spreading to the left side of the chest.Esophageal hiatus may as well complicates the extent of irritation as well as the frequency of acid reflux into the esophageal space.

7. Pleuritis

This is a condition characterized by inflammation of the lungs’ lining. This may be accompanied by symptoms such as sneezing, sputum production, and buildup of fluids within the alveolar space which furthers increases the pressure within the chest which results in chest pain left side. Left side of the chest is mostly affected.

8. Obesity

Lifestyle practices may be adjusted to get relief from chest pain. Obesity has been reported to be one of the causal factors of heart diseases as ‘bad’ cholesterols may build up easily which gives rise to forceful exertion during breathing.

9. Hiatal hernia

I mentioned this while talking about GERDs, however, hiatal hernia increases and complicates acid refluxes which worsens the pain especially when in a lying position.

10. Left pectoral strain

Extra-pulling on the pectoral muscle may result in chronic pain in left part of the chest. This may further be complicated by athletics, contact sports and strenuous exercises (aerobic exercises).

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