Cluster headache treatment varies and applied based on the severity of the symptoms especially pain and how often it repeats, and the age of the sufferer is also taken into considerations.

Cluster headache relief may be seen after sticking to few of these recommendations that borders around lifestyle practices and following a proper treatment plan.

Cluster Headache Treatment
Cluster Headache Treatment

Here is a disclaimer, there is currently no cluster headache treatment that can get rid of it completely but it can be alleviated to a considerable extent.

So what are some of the home remedies for cluster headaches? Here are few you can take a cue from.

1. Avoid alcohol at all cost.

2. Stick to a normal sleep routine, whenever you feel like sleeping, sleep, don’t shake the feeling off as it may affect your internal bio-clock.

3. Try relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation when you are fully awake, it helps to clear the mind and relief you of emotional stress and daily work-out stress.

4. Take melatonin and magnesium supplements, they help to reduce the severity of pain and its frequency. Other supplements you can take for good and fast cluster headache relief are capsicum, capsaicin and Indian frankincense.

Natural remedies and treatment for cluster headaches may not be recommended early in the management of your headaches but it sure helps to reduce the effect.

How to get rid of cluster headaches faster is to report any incidence to your doctor immediately you start seeing the symptoms, also try to engage your mind-body stress relief techniques regularly.

Drug-based cluster headache treatment

The following drugs has been reported to be effective at reduce the frequency and severity of cluster headache:

1. Aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen

2. Dihyroergotamine

3. Injectables

  • Sumatriptan
  • Zolmitriptan

These injectable are however contra-indicated in patients with high blood pressure.

4. Octreotide

5. Local anesthetics such as lidocaine.

6. Facial glycerol injection

7. Ergotamine and corticosteroids

8. Lithium carbonate (this is often used for bipolar disorders)

All these drugs are fast responding treatment for cluster headache.

Other cluster headache treatment options are:

  • Surgery
  • Anti-seizure medications- Topamax and divaproex.

9. Physical therapies such as hot and cold treatment are also effect cluster headache treatment.

If you experience frequent sleep disturbances in the night, with sudden headaches, report early to your doctor to exclude heart diseases and proper diagnosis as this is how to get rid of cluster headaches faster when you start treatment as early as possible.

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