Going out on a date and looking for some real cute date ideas? There are so many unique date ideas that you can come across once you set your mind to searching for it. Real good date ideas are usually nice and it also goes to show your date that you want your time together to be really special. You have however come to the right place where you will be given some tips on cute date ideas that will make you happy. These unique date ideas are best for you if you truly want to make your partner happy when you decide to go on a date with him or her.

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17 cute date ideas

The following are some good date ideas that will make your time together a great and a unique one:

1: Composing a song

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One of the examples of good date ideas is that of composing songs for your date; compose a song for your date and take her out for a Karaoke night at a Karaoke bar where you will have the privilege to sing that special song for her and you would have created one of the best date ideas for couples than you can ever imagine.

2: Take a stroll

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This is one of the best date ideas for couples because it gives you the opportunity to spend quality time together while getting to know each better, deeply and more intimately. A walk down the park, the street or even any place of your interest will be enough to create the right atmosphere that will make you create a deeper bond as a couple.

3: Stay home

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You might want to know how this happens to fall into ideas for dates but it surely does because it affords you with the opportunity to spend some real private time with your date without being disturbed by some other couples that are equally out on a date as well. You will get the opportunity of making your own drinks, cooking your very own food and playing games together whether board games or video games.

4: Poem or short story writing

cute date ideas

This is one of the great date ideas that you can ever come up with. This date idea will allow you write a poem about your date concerning what you like about your date, why your date means so much to you and your feelings for your date and where you want the relationship to head to. This can also be done in the form of a short story and then read to your partner while you are on a date.

5: Garden together

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One of the ideas for dates is for you to garden together. Gardening is a little domesticated and it will help you get to know each other better in a less formal kind of way where you will not really need to be putting up an appearance in order to please the people that are around you. Gardening will help you unwind and will make the date to be more normal than you can ever think of.

6: Go to the beach

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Going to the beach is one of the perfect date ideas that you will greatly love because you will be on a date as though you are on a vacation.

7: Go to places of interest

unique date ideas

Going to places of interest are some of the things to do on a date. Taking your date to some places of interest will give your date the benefit of getting to know you better as he or she gets to know what interests you.

8: Learn something new

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Learning something new together is what to do on a date that will create a close strong bond between the two of you. You can learn a new dance or even a new language.

9: Celebrate things together

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Celebrating things together are part of the things to do on a date. if you are dating someone that you care so deeply for then there will be a need for you to celebrate things together, it could be a birthday, a promotion at work, a salary increase, a new job, a wedding anniversary and so on.

10: Cooking and baking

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Cooking and baking are what to do on a date. These domestic chores help in creating a close bond between couples that cannot be easily broken.  It helps make couples appreciate each other better.

11: Take your pictures

date ideas for couples

Picture taking can also be a means of getting closer to your partner because it will help you have and enjoy a good time together most especially when you are making funny faces and taking postures that will help make your date have a good hearty laugh.

12: Go for a game

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This is most especially good for ladies that want to win the heart of their man forever. Going for a game together will make the man appreciate you better because he will know that you are ready and prepared to do anything that will make him happy.

13: Take a walk as an ice cream break

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There is a need for you to go on a date that will be different from what you are used to and taking an ice cream break is one of such dates. You will go for a walk with your partner while taking an ice cream and if it is possible, you can feed him or her out of your ice cream as this will show her that you care and appreciate her or him.

14: Go for party with some friends

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You can go for a party with some of your friends as a kind of date and while in the party make sure that you try as much as you can to make and maintain some kind of eye contact with your partner. Let your eyes do some talking to him or her that he is the best out of the men in the room and vice-versa.

15: Attend a play or movies

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There is a need for you to attend stage plays or movies together and attend the ones that will make you have a good laugh because laughing and smiling at each other creates special bond between couples and people that are attracted to each other.

16: Go for dinner

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There is a need for you to take time out and go for dinners and this is irrespective of whether it is a formal dinner or even a casual dinner. This will help you take time out to know each other as well as causing your intimacy level to grow.

17: Talk over pizza

what to do on a date

You can have a date with your partner that will be like a pizza night where you will be eating pizza, laughing and making eye contacts with each other and growing closer as well.

The above are 17 dates ideas that you will love and enjoy as a couple.

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