Diabetes affects men and women with slight differences due to gender.

Early signs of diabetes in women
Early signs of diabetes in women

Early signs of diabetes tends to show gradually but aggressive when it is fully set due to several factors such as age, pregnancy, heart and cardiovascular health and lifestyle. Several other factors part of which are listed below also mark the differences between men and women

a) Hormones and inflammation

b) Women are susceptible to heart diseases more than men.

c) Women receives less aggressive treatment for cardiovascular diseases which also explains why diabetes may have certain effects on women while it won’t in men as cardiovascular health has a lot to do with insulin synthesis and resistance.

So also diabetes symptoms in women tends to take a different outlook compared to men because of fatty deposits in their body, a lot of hormonal interactions take place especially when they are pregnant, one of such hormonal interactions is from progesterone one of the reproductive hormones which impacts on the production of cortisol a stress- related hormone which has strong impact on insulin when it- insulin develops resistance.

d) Women who have had gestational diabetes previously may be at an increased risk of having diabetes.

e) Women who has had a baby with 8-9pounds weight at birth are at higher risk of having diabetes as well as their subsequent babies.

f) Pregnancy complicates diabetes due to pregnancy hormones’ interference with insulin.

Signs and symptoms of diabetes

The following are early symptoms of diabetes which are common to both genders:

  • Fatigue or frequent burn outs.
  • Inability of wounds to heal.
  • Blindness or blurred vision.
  • Weight loss with the probability of binge eating disorder in complicated cases.
  • frequent urination especially in the night
  • Darker patches of skin in certain areas of the body.
  • Tingling sensation in the limbs especially at the extremities.
  • Extreme thirst sensation in cases of diabetes with blood sugar level of 200mg/dL.

Some of these symptoms could be more pronounced in women than men as the case may be.

Early signs of diabetes in women are akin to that in men but it may not be in full expression in women as fast as it could be in men until when it advances.

The following are early signs of diabetes:

  • Acetone breath
  • Frequent thirst despite drinking. volumes of water.
  • Nausea
  • wounds heal very slowly at first.
  • You urinate at least twice within 2-3 hours with attendant thirst resulting from such.

The following are extra symptoms of diabetes in women not peculiar to men:

  • Vaginal thrush and oral yeast infections
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Sexual dysfunction as a result of pelvic inflammatory diseases.
  • pregnancy complications and possibility of transfer of diabetic gene codes to their babies.

Women who has diabetes running in their family may transfer same to their kids as diabetes is genetic from several studies, and as such whether they carry the gene that codes for diabetes in its recessive or dominant form it will always manifest in their body

Symptoms of diabetes in women tend to be complicated when they are over 40 and as such these could worsen the symptoms if they are not treated promptly.

Once diabetes sets in it has no cure, only the symptoms can be managed.

Diabetes can be managed effectively through life style changes and diet. Don’t skip your breakfast, eat more of protein and vitamins rich diet as it helps to restore the efficiency of insulin over time.