Am I pregnant? How do I know if i’m pregnant? How fast will the early signs of pregnancy start showing? All these questions are answered right here in this article.

Some women do have early symptoms of pregnancy as early as few days into the pregnancy while for some 2 weeks and for some, after the first four weeks. However, one of the first signs of pregnancy you will notice is breast tenderness, at times it may feel sore and painful to touch.

Early signs of pregnancy
Early signs of pregnancy

Oftentimes, missed period signals the onset of pregnancy for women who have regular menstrual periods.

Usually your doctor will count the age of your pregnancy from the first day of your last menstrual period.

Other early signs of pregnancy include the following:

1. Spotting

This is a tiny streak of blood in your panties. It may be caused by the implantation of the fetus in the womb. This may continue for like 2-3 days in a row. If it becomes persistent it could be a sign of more serious conditions.

2. Early morning sickness

This is caused by hormone levels fluctuations such as estrogens and progesterone levels. This is very common in about 50% of women who are pregnant. It is most common within the first trimester of pregnancy.

Another instance of early pregnancy signs is heightened sense of smell

Scientists have reported that there is a link between human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) which may further escalate your sense of smell and it may trigger nausea in response to certain foods.

One of the the early symptoms of pregnancy is nausea and vomiting.

High progesterone levels may also relax the stomach and the intestine thus causing excess acid to be produced. This in turn may lead to gastric reflux diseases (GERDs) thus causing vomiting and nausea.

Early pregnancy symptoms

Women experience myriads of early pregnancy symptoms based on body biochemistry, genetic profile and hormonal profile. For instance some women see early pregnancy signs as early as few days after implantation of the fetus in the womb, some after 2 weeks, some as early as 4weeks and others after their 6th week.

You may experience any of the following early pregnancy symptoms:

1. Frequent urination

This may lead to severe dehydration if not checked properly.

2. Increased sputum production

This could be as a result of irritation of the throat. Also, gastric reflux may also cause it.

3. Frequent urination

You may experience frequent urination early when pregnant.

4. Craving and aversion to food

This goes along with heightened sense of smell, sometimes feeling of nausea may reduce your interest in foods, while at certain you may develop strange cravings for foods.

5. Fatigue

You may experience fatigue repeatedly due to spikes in progesterone levels, this may usually be accompanied with sleepiness or drowsiness.

6. Abdominal cramps

This is one of the early signs of pregnancy. It might be mild while still early into the pregnancy and it may be worsened by gastric reflux which may further lead to heart burn or chest pain or both.

7. Constipation

Frequent indigestion may also lead to constipation as this may lead to bloating or feeling full after small meal.

8. Dizziness

This may be so frequent in the morning or after meals, also it may lead to mood swing as blood vessels becomes dilated thus leading low blood pressure.

All these early signs of pregnancy are not only peculiar to pregnancy it may also be presented when you have other conditions. So also some of these symptoms are applicable to women who use contraceptive pills.

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