Are you thinking of how to make the bond between you and your partner to get stronger than it currently is? Do you desire a relationship that is full of romance? If your answer to the above questions are in the affirmative then eye contact flirting and eye contact attraction is the key to that. Eye contact flirting is the process of showing your feelings to someone by staring at the person. It can also be used to check the interest of the other person. Eye contact attraction occurs when you like the person making eye contact flirting with you and you hold the stare even if it’s for a few seconds.  Eye contact attraction cannot be helped once you like the person flirting with you.

How to flirt

There is a need for you to know how to flirt through eye contact most especially when there is an intense eye contact. The following are some reasons for flirting with girls either through mere eye contact or through intense eye contact:

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1: Staring casually

eye contact flirting

One of the eye contact ways of flirting with girls is by staring at the girl casually. This is the first way to make your interest known to the girl that you are interested in her or him; you will need to stare at her casually at the initial stage of the attraction. This casual staring should be done in such a way that the person you are staring at will notice. The stare usually lasts for only a split second.

2: Staring into the eyes

eye contact attraction

Whenever you are trying to make an eye contact love with the man or woman that has caught your fancy, you will need to stare into his or her eyes for a few seconds so as to make him or her to notice that you are watching. This few seconds stare should be done by you staring directly into the eyes of the person that you are interested in.

3: Looking away after staring directly

how to flirt

There is a need for you to look away immediately after making a direct eye contact love with the man or woman that has caught your fancy or attention so that he or she will not become uncomfortable with the way that you are staring neither will you look like a stalker.

4: Prolonged eye contact

eye contact

When you notice that the person that you are watching is also interested in you; there will then be a need for you to engage in a prolonged eye contact with the man or woman. You will also need to increase the number of stares that you send to him or her.

5: Eye contact with smiles

intense eye contact

There will be a need for you to engage the man or woman that you are interested in with a prolonged eye contact together with a smile once you notice that the man or woman is equally interested in you and has been returning your stares probably with a smile as well.

6 Attraction

eye contact love

Making eye contact with the person that you are attracted to is a very good way of letting the person know that you are interested in him or her. Maintaining a good eye contact is a sure way of showing your attraction to the other person.

7: Preparedness

flirting with girls

Eye contact helps prepare the person that you are interested in for a relationship because the eye contact will let him or her know that he or she has caught your fancy and it will help prepare her for a romantic relationship ever before you come.

8: Information

prolonged eye contact

It will help you know if the other person is equally interested in you as well. If the person is interested in you, he or she will always return the stare and will also smile back at you when you are confident enough to get to the stage of smiling while maintaining eye contact.

9: It is easy

eye contact flirting

Eye contact as the first means of letting a person know how you are attracted to him or her is a very easy way of showing your feelings to the other person. It is also an easy way through which you can know if the other person is equally interested in you. The means of maintaining eye contact is a very simple means of passing your feelings across to the other person.

10: It is fun

eye contact attraction

Maintaining eye contact with the man or woman that you are interested in is fun because you will always enjoy doing it as well as looking forward to seeing the man or the woman so that you can maintain eye contact with him or her. It is real fun for as long as it lasts.

11: There is no pressure

how to flirt

This method of showing attraction puts no kind of pressure on you because you will find out that it is easier to walk away from the man or woman if it does not work out well with the two of you. It leaves no feelings of hurt on the part of the two of you.

12: It is safe

eye contact

It is a very safe way of conveying your feelings to the man or the woman as the man or the woman will not be able to complain of being sexually harassed by you if it does not work out between the two of you.

13: It is instinctive

intense eye contact

Most often than not maintaining eye contact with the woman that you love is something that you do not have control over. This is because the eyes are just reacting to the feelings that are being exuded by the body. Once you are attracted to a man or a woman, you will discover that you always want to take a look at him or her most often than not; this feeling is always beyond your will. It is instinctive.

The above 13 points are ways through which you can flirt with a girl through the means of eye contact as well as the reasons why eye contact should be the first step that you should take with any man or woman before plunging into an actual intimate relationship.

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