falling in love with a married man

Are you falling in love with a married man or are you already in love with a married man? If your answer to this question is in the affirmative then you will need to sit back, relax and read this article thoroughly? You will also need to understand what you are reading and the implications of dating a married man. Falling in love with a married man or even simply being in love with a married man has more down sides than up sides because of the simple fact that he is married. He is in another more firm and stable relationship than you can have with him. His wife and family will more often than not come first in his life before you.

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Dating a married man

It is important to state here that being in love with a married man can be more emotionally tiring than you can ever imagine. It is also necessary to state here that getting the love you want by dating a married man will always leave someone hurt and more often it’s you the other woman. The following are some of the things that you will need to do if you are getting the love you want by dating a married man:

1: Step back

falling in love with a married man

Loving a married man can be categorically said to be among the hardest things that can be done in life and this is because of the fact that the married man has a family. Loving a married man will require you stepping back from the way you feel and giving a critical analysis of the whole situation and you can do this by honestly and sincerely answering these questions: what do you think will be the end result of the relationship when you enter into it? Who do you think will get hurt the most in the relationship? What sort of a relationship do you think you will have with him? Most times the relationship ends once it is revealed or becomes public and you the other woman gets hurt.

2: Forget it

falling in love with a married man

The best option for you when you find yourself loving a married man is to forget about what you are feeling. Try as much as you can to kill what you are feeling for him because that is the only way that you will be able to get some sort of respect for yourself as you will not want to be seen as the other woman that destroyed the peace, joy and laughter of a once happy home or happy marriage as the case may be. Read some articles that will help you know how best to go about letting go of a loved one and put in all your best into making sure that you get over what you are feeling. To further help you in getting over what you are feeling for the married man, why don’t you try getting the love you want by dating single guys and you might just discover that you will end up falling in love with one of the guys that are single and searching.

3: Secrecy

getting the love you want

It is a well known fact that relationships with a married man is always shrouded in secrecy because the woman does not want to be seen as a home breaker and the man does not want to be the one that will be the architect behind the breaking up of his home. It is also a well known fact that most relationships with married men are seen and referred to as affairs and that means something that will not last long – a relationship that is temporary or fleeting in nature. The bad thing of this kind of relationship is that once the relationship becomes open (no longer a secret) it ends as fast as it is discovered and you see the married man running back to his wife pleading and asking for forgiveness leaving you the other woman on your own to take care of your hurt.

4: Emotionally tiring or stressful

getting the love you want

Another thing about this relationship or affair as it is most often called is that the relationship is always emotionally tiring and stressful. The reason being that the married man will always have last minute reasons why he cannot show up for a pre – arranged date or meeting with you and this leaves you feeling frustrated and wishing that his wife was never in the picture. This feeling will make you forget the fact that you knew right before getting into the relationship that he was married and the fact that his wife and family will always come first before you – this is really emotionally tiring. Another fact about this kind of relationship is the fact that the married man can call at any time that is convenient for him to meet with you and this is often than not without any kind of prior notice to you. This of course can be said to be the few times that he is able to steal away from home and this; can be very emotionally stressful – not knowing when you will be meeting with your lover.

It is necessary to state here before concluding on the article that the only people that will ever know that you are having an affair with this married that seems so special to you are you and his very close friends and no other set of people. His family too might also not know that you are the other woman in his life because he is married, he will not be able to introduce you to people as the woman that he is having an affair with. He will also never consider leaving his wife for you because his wife he will say is the mother of his children and he might even still be in love with his wife and is only using you to spice up his love life.

Instead of getting yourself involved in a relationship that will not make you a married woman or a fleeting relationship that might end up leaving you hurt, it is better to stay on your own. Yes, I agree with you that you cannot help the way you feel about a person but you can definitely handle what you do about the way you feel.

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