Here are top 8 famous Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quotes…

arnold schwarzenegger movie quotes

  1. When I said you should screw yourself. I didn’t mean it literally. – The 6th Day

  2. I’ve seen a lot, but nothing would ever make me cut out my tongue. – End of Days

  3. My name is Julius and I’m your TWIN brother.” “Oh obviously! The moment I sat down I though I was looking into a mirror.” “We’re not identical twins.” – Twins

  4. Can you hurry up. My horse is getting tired. – True Lies

  5. They’re six year olds… how much trouble can they be? – Kindergarten Cop

  6. If it bleeds, we can kill it. – Predator

  7. We’ll take Cooke’s car. He won’t be needing it. – Commando

  8. “I suppose nothing hurts you.” “Only pain.” – Conan the Destroyer

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