The creators of iPhone thought it wise to develop the find my phone app as a result of the high crime rates globally.  Although it is called ‘find my phone app’, it can support all iOS devices. The installation of this app is pretty simple and free. You need to sign in with an email address using iCloud which is solely for iOS users. Find my phone application has several features which makes it a force to reckon with on the market. It is very reliable.


In terms of locating a missing iOS device, find my phone app allows you to store your last known location for not less than twenty-four hours when you request for your last location to be sent.  You can easily find for instance, your iPhone as soon your phone signal appears on the map. The maps are such that they are standard, hybrid and satellite. They show exactly where your phone is so that it is easily traceable.

Lost Mode

Find my phone app has a feature which helps you to trach your iOS device when it is missing.  When your device is in lost mode, find my phone app locks the phone with a password. The user’s contact number is shown when the phone screen is locked and you can track the last location of your device as lost mode allows you access to your phone’s past locations.

Driving directions

With find my phone app, users of iOS device find it less cumbersome during tracking. This is because the map gives you directions right enough to locate your missing device when driving. If you need to find your device, you only need to key in your location to serve as the starting point.


In order to ensure maximum protection of the device’s contents, find my phone app is able to clear absolutely everything on the device including the settings when it is missing. Hence your stuffs are not exposed. This is recognised as one of the best qualities of this app.


More than thirty languages and counting are supported by find my phone app. Consequently, when you cannot locate your iOS device, find my phone app proves to be very efficient due to the fact that the app is not peculiar to just one language.


Undeniably, find my phone app is a blessing to all iOS users including myself, its  never a bane. With these awesome features using an iOS device is no more a risk. I would certainly recommend it any time, any day. This app is the first one I downloaded after purchasing my apple device, it made  catching that thief easy. I rate this  app 5 out of 5.

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