You have finally asked the girl of your dreams out for a date and you are thinking of first date ideas that will thrill your date. First date tips are very essential for you now because how the first date goes will determine if the relationship will lead to something more permanent or if the relationship will be discontinued. First date ideas are not to be taken lightly because it is what you will use to make her know that she means the world to you. There are so many cute date ideas that can be used as first date ideas and from these cute date ideas, you will be able to gather good first date tips that will help you amaze her and make her yours on a very permanent basis.

First date ideas

Romantic date ideas

There are so many cute date ideas that are romantic and can be used to make your girl happy that she agreed to go on a date with you.

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The following are 14 out of the very numerous first date ideas that will thrill your girl:

1) Engage in a sports activity:

One of the romantic date ideas is to engage in a sports activity that is exclusively for the two (2) of you. This is one of the good first date tips that you can give your woman most especially if her work does not give her enough room for exercising. You can go for a boat ride or even a stroll in the evening where you will have the opportunity of getting to know each other better.

2) Go to the museums:

First date ideas

Going to the museum is one of the unique things to do on a first date because it is for mature people and not what kids usually do when on a first date. It is definitely part of the best date ideas that you can come up with.

3) Go to the arcade:

Do you want to know what to do on a first date? Go to the arcade and catch fun like a kid again as this will make your date know that you are a fun loving person to be with. It is one of the good things to do on a date.

4) Go for a picnic:

First date ideas

One of the cute date ideas is going for a picnic that is exclusively planned for two. Yes, you and your lovely date. This is one of the romantic date ideas that will give you and your date the privilege of being yourselves as well as knowing each other better while removing all the awkwardness that is usually felt during first dates.

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5) Do volunteer jobs:

What to do on a first date? Go volunteering for a good cause that you strongly believe in. This will make your date know that you have such a large heart and she will be glad that she is the one that you chose to share such a heart with.

6) Prepare a dinner:

One of the things to do on a date is to prepare dinner for you and your date. Show her your culinary skills and let her know that she is getting someone that will always be willing to pamper her with the kind of meals that she will not help but love.

7) Go for a karaoke or open – mic poetry:

First date ideas

Another of the things to do on a date is to go for a karaoke or open – mic poetry where you will get the opportunity of either writing a poem or a song for your date where you will be telling her how you feel about her. It is usually a fun way of expressing your feelings for her.

8) Take a stroll:

This is definitely one of the best date ideas because it will afford you with the privilege of strolling either at the sidewalk close to your homes or even at the park. You will get to enjoy the scenery, the people, the park and the company of your date.

9) Go sight – seeing:

One of the things to do on a first date is to go for sight – seeing where you will get to visit the different places of interest that you and your date love . This will make you seem like a tourist and it is really fun.

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10) Watch the sun set or rise together:

First date ideas

There is something fun, nice and romantic about nature especially the rising and the setting of the sun. There is always a captivating beauty about this that will definitely set the pace for your romantic evening together.

11) Play games together:

Another great date idea is to play games together which will be like a competition between you and your date. The games you play could either be board games or even video games. Let the winner eat the most of the pizza that had been pre-ordered by you. It is usually fun to do this on a first date.

12) Take your dogs out for a walk:

If you and your date both own dogs, you can take your dogs out for a walk together as a kind of date which you can top off by stopping at a café and spend some good time together. Informal dates help to create faster rates of bonding between two people that are getting to know each other better in a relationship.

13) Go for a fun drive:

First date ideas

This is a unique way of giving your date all the fun that she deserves because you will be driving her in the direction that she had never been to and this will help her know new places and you can cap the day off with either an ice cream or even a dark chocolate just the way you like it.

14) Learn art together:

You can enjoy your first date by registering and learning arts together. This will give you the privilege of being there to encourage each other during classes. It will create a very close bond between the two of you that you will definitely love.

Doing any one of these activities will make your first date a unique one that you will always remember happily.

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