Music is popular among all cultures, religion and races; being able to play your music on all devices is desired by both the young and old. Even with the popularity of music it is not easy finding mp3 music download free sites. This article brings to us the free mp3 music download sites to make our search easier.

Free mp3 music download sites 2016

#1 Mp3 skull

mp3 music download

At which is the site for mp3 skulls, users are provided fast and easy means of downloading all their favorite tracks.  They also allow users to add their own search websites to their available list; this ensures that the results obtained are fast and effective.

#2 Music for you

mp3 music download is one of the best free mp3 music download sites if you are using google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or opera mini.  This website receives over four thousand visitors every day; showing what a good music downloading site it is.

#3 Mp3 Raid

mp3 music download

This site allows mp3 music download for music that are legally available for listening and downloading. It is a good music search engine but the varieties of music are not as many due to legal issues. organizes music and offers users an index to help make the search for favorite music easier.


mp3 music download

This is one of the most popular free mp3 music download sites and allows users to stream music legally. The music that is available for download will have the download button by it that users can click. Soundcloud may not have all tracks available for download but they have some of the best remixes and remakes from bands that may not be heard anywhere else.


mp3 music download

Jamendo music allows people to post music for commercial purposes and even gives license for projects. This means the music library on the site is huge which might make it hard to find the exact one. Nevertheless this same commercial attribute means there are a lot of curious variants to select from and download music.

#6 Songs lover

mp3 music download

Mp3 music download free is available on The site is not accessible to children below thirteen years of age and due to the fact that the site looks to satisfy legitimate interests of copyright owners, the songs available for downloads may be restricted. Nevertheless the songs that are available for legal download are popular songs and all users may find what suits their fancy.

#7 Mp3 Box

mp3 music download

The site; enables mp3 music download by users after joining their free online community. Users are able to create personalized playlists and download music for free.

#8 Bee mp3

mp3 music download

Beemp3 catalogs and manages music that has been published online, the site offers mp3 music download free options. At the quality of music is not stated but users are able to legally listen to the music before downloading.

#9 YouTube

mp3 music download

Yes you can download and convert your favorite youtube music videos in mp3 format  This may be surprising, but YouTube is one of the best free mp3 music download sites if you know how to use it.  To download music from YouTube after searching for the music, copy the link of the page and then paste in a YouTube downloader like , hit enter and download.

#10 Emp3world

mp3 music download

This site does not only allow mp3 music download but users are able to edit the content of the site. The system is automated in a way that when there is an increased interest in certain songs, this song will be added to the database of songs in a very short time. Emp3world therefore promises a fresh addition to their library every time.


mp3 music download

Mp3 music download free is available on in addition to live music streaming, events and features offered on the site. Selection can be made from the available genres and since the music quality is not stated it is best to listen before downloading.


mp3 music download

This site enables mp3 music download by users when they type an artist, song title or url from YouTube into the search box. There is also an mp3cutter provided by the site that users can use to crop out any unwanted parts.


mp3 music download

Another of the popular free mp3 music download sites is which allows artists to sign up to share music and gives music lovers the chance for mp3 music download. There are a number of genres to select from or visitors could search with the artist name.

#14 Mp3 fusion

mp3 music download

This is one of the best free mp3 music download sites that offers visitors mp3 music download free across various genres. For mp3 music download on, searches are made from other sites depending on what the user selects. It is a meta search engine.


mp3 music download

This is one of the best free mp3 music download sites that offers visitors mp3 music download free and also additional information about the song and related artists. The track quality is not mentioned here but the choice for mp3 music download is left to visitors since they can listen to the song first.


In a nut shell, these are some of the best mp3 music download free sites for the music lover who wants a huge library on his devices, whether PC, tablet or phone. No matter the composition being searched for there is a music download site to satisfy the listener.

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