Husband and wife romance can sometimes go stale and that is the reason why you need to know some fun things to do as a married couple. It is necessary to have a marriage romance as this will make you enjoy your partner better than you are enjoying him or her today. Husband and wife romance can be said to be more important than a boyfriend and girlfriend romance. This article will give you some good tips about some fun things to do in order to keep the fire of your marriage romance burning. As a married couple, your husband wife romance should not be toiled with because it can help make your love story a long lasting one that will make people around you to envy you.

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Fun things to do

These are some fun things that you will need to do in order to keep the fire of your husband wife romance burning and very hot:

1: Take pictures together

Fun things to do

When you were still courting your wife, you made it a point of duty to always take pictures of her, of him as well as taking pictures together. It is necessary that you keep this act up even in your marriage because it will help your marriage romance tremendously. Taking an unexpected picture of your wife or that of your husband and consciously taking pictures together will help make your husband and wife romance a thing that will never be forgotten.

2: Go for a walk together

Fun things to do

One of the romantic things to do with your spouse is to hold your hands together and go for walks every once in a while, this will help your wife and husband romance become very strong. This is simply so because you will be able to talk about as many things as you can. The more you talk together, the closer you will become and the friendlier you will be to each other.

3: Play games together

Fun things to do

Wife and husband romance will always be thick once you play games together with your spouse and this is irrespective of the type of game that you intend playing whether video games, card games or even board games. Play just for the fun of spending time together.

4: Go out on dates

Fun things to do

This is part of the romantic things to do with your spouse that will make him or her happy. When you are going out on a date, there is a need for you to go to different kinds of restaurants per time. It will create a close bond when you discover new things together.

5: Bike, hike, vacation

Fun things to do

This is another great thing to always do together as a married couple. Going on a vacation no matter how short (probably over the weekend where you will have someone look after the kids). While you are vacationing with your spouse, you can go hiking and biking together. If you can climb mountains then why not climb a few together.

6: Spend time together

husband and wife romance

It is important that you spend time together going to different places of interest that will give you the time of smiling, making eye contact the way you initially did and so on.

7: Shop together

husband and wife romance

Shopping together will give you some quality time together most especially if you are unable to go on a vacation together. While grocery shopping, you will be able to share your views about what is on display and it will create a kind of bond between you.

8: Watch movies together

husband and wife romance

Watching movies together can also help to liven up the romance in your marriage. Make sure that you watch romantic movies the most as this will trigger off your romantic life.

9: Do new things together

husband and wife romance

When you do new things together, it creates a close bond between the two of you.  Learn a new language, skill, hobby etc together as this will make you want to help each other get over some challenges and in so doing makes you closer.

10: Write notes

husband and wife romance

Write short notes for your husband and wife around the house where he will see it and smile. You can tell him how you love him, how proud you are to be her man, how he is looking at the most handsome man in the world (you can paste this on the mirror) etc.

11: Call and text

marriage romance

Learn to call and text your spouse during the day when he or she will be at work. Tell him how you miss having him around, how you are looking forward to having him back home in the evening, call to know how his day has been so far.

12: Let her get some rest

marriage romance

Women are discovered to be a whole lot busy at home. To show her that you love her, try taking the kids out in order to give her time to have some rest like taking a nap or simply lying on the bed to stretch out some tired muscles.

13: Compliment your spouse

husband wife romance

It is very important that you shower your spouse with as much compliments as you can. This will make your spouse feel special, loved and appreciated. Tell your spouse how good he or she looks after a new hairdo or a new haircut.

14: Just hug your spouse

wife and husband romance

Learn to hug your spouse for a lengthy period of time that takes the hug from just being an ordinary hug to being a special hug. Let the hug speak volumes of how you love your spouse, how you love holding him and how you love having him around.

15: Dress him up

romantic things to do

To keep the romance fire burning in your home as a woman can be done by you simply helping to dress your husband in the morning when he is going to work and at night when he is back from home help to undress him. Be there for him when he comes home, make sure that you are not too busy for him and so on.

These few tips will help make your marriage one that its romantic flavor will never be extinguished because by doing all these, you will be stoking the fire of your marriage romance.

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