Husband, he is the person whom you can call “the ultimate partner”. He is the person who made a vow to love you till death do you part. On his special day make him feel even more special and send a bunch of funny birthday wishes for husband. These funny birthday wishes for husband would surely give him a good laugh on his special day. Seeing him happy is one of the best things is the world and it is happier to know that you are the reason.

Funny birthday wishes for husband is not like any other conventional ways in greeting him on his birthday. Adding humor made it perfect! It is a given fact that all couples have private jokes and those never fail to make you laugh even if the two of you heard in a thousand times. Why not incorporate those jokes with funny birthday wishes for husband. These wishes will connect you in the most romantic and funny way possible. The husband’s ultimate joy is also a joy to the heart of a wife as well. Because the two of you are connected and can easily agree with one another without having to explain things to others.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Husband

  • I thought, on your birthday, I should make you aware, That species of good husbands are getting quite rare. I’ve approved you as the perfect specimen: After all, my husband loves me 24/7!  Although, I am wondering how you manage to perform at the office with this 24/7 duty of love. Happy birthday to my loving and beloved Husband…

Funny Birthday Wishes For Husband

  • In the morning today, I suddenly noticed you’re looking older. A few extra grays on your head, a few more wrinkles getting more widespread. But that’s okay, you still look handsome hon. And you always will. I love you, and happy birthday, sweetheart.

  • I don’t want to wish you a happy birthday. You’ve made my life so sweet, that I wanna wish you.. A Honey B’day!

  • You’re an excellent man, I love you so much, honey! Well, you I’m indifferent about, but I sure love your money!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Husband

  • To a husband who never takes his shoes up the stairs, I put the same effort into your birthday, guess no one cares!

  • To a hubby who shows me love every morning.. Today I promise not to act like all your stories are boringI’ll smile and nod while you drone on and on..And for my birthday, next year, make your stories less long?

  • You don’t do the dishes and you forget other chores. You ignore my request and at night even snore.. But today it’s my job to ignore all those things.. And act like I love like angels with wings!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Husband

  • You used to be fit and you used to be funny.. If it weren’t for your money, I’d sure leave you, hunny!

  • Happy birthday to a man who forgets important dates.. Just in case you’re wondering why this card is two days late

  • You forgot our anniversary and you forgot my birthday.. So I forgot to make a cake, pick one up, okay?

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