I love you – the three words that could go a very long way to determine the fate of a relationship. These three words can change the way a relationship will go forever – whether for the long haul or not. To make this an event you can make use of any of the funny ways to say I love you to your partner. Saying I love you should be something that should not be taken for granted by you and as such it is good to devise ways to say I love you to the one that means the world to you.  I love you should be said from the bottom of your heart with your feelings showing in your eyes that will make your partner realize that it is for real this time around.

Funny ways to say I love you

Ways to say I love you

Saying I love you can be done in different ways which goes to determine the depth of your relationship with your partner because funny ways to say I love you are usually said by partners who are very close and comfortable with each other. Saying I love you in a funny way will always go to show that you and your partner have a great depth of understanding of each other’s ways. The following are some of the ways to say I love you:

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1) Call or text your parents:

Funny ways to say I love you

One funny way to say I love you to your parents is by calling or texting them that you appreciate the fact that they were there to help clean you up when you soiled your diapers and when you were sick. This is one of the ways to say I love you to your loving parents.

2) Send a love text message from the back:

This is a funny love way of sending text because it will actually make your loved one to laugh when he or she decodes the meaning of the message. Instead of just writing I love you, you can write it backwards like this uoy evol I.

3) Technical I love you funny message:

Funny ways to say I love you

You can tend to use some of the technical words to pass your feelings across to her and this will definitely make her laugh. You can say something like the love I have for you cannot be infected or destroyed by Viruses and bugs. This is definitely part of I love you funny message.

4) Time funny I love you message:

You can make use of the time to tell her how much you love him or her as you can tell her that you wish that your love could last even to eternity and this will elicit some smile from her as she will just imagine loving you all through eternity which means forever even after death. This funny I love you message when thought about later will let her know that your love for her runs real deep within you.

5) You are my chocolate

If your girl or your man is the chocolate loving kind then you will want to equate the love that you have for him or her with chocolate that he or she loves and this will make her laugh or even smile. You can say something like loving you is much sweeter than all the dark chocolate put together.

6) Dog loving funny love

People that love pets whether dogs or cats are always showering their love on the pets. You can use this to tell him or her how you love him even more than a dog lover loves a dog. If he is a dog lover, he will definitely understand what you are trying to tell him.

7) Event funny love message

Funny ways to say I love you

If I were to come to this world a second time, I will definitely come looking for you earlier than I did this time around so that I will have more time to spend with you. Imagine if you were the one that was told, how would you feel? You will feel happy of course which is usually expressed through smiling or laughing as the case may be.

8) Funny hyperbole love text message

There is a need for you to make use of hyperbole when you want to send funny I love you messages across to your partner. You can say or write something like my love for you is as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar if not stronger.

9) Making use of opposites

Humor is the whole essence of sending creative and funny love messages to the man or woman of your dreams. You can say that I love you so much that I always feel as hot as a chili pepper whenever you are around me.

10) Comparing your love for your partner with animal behaviors:

Try to be as funny as you can whenever you are telling your loved one that you love him or her. You can say something like the love I have for you makes me as proud as a peacock can be when I remember that you are mine.

11) Making use of similes to express your love for your partner:

Funny ways to say I love you

The great thing about this is that you can be as creative as you want to be when you are trying to make your partner laugh while at the same time telling her that you love her. You can say something like I love you as much as bugs bunny loves rabbits.

12) Making use of the universe to declare your love:

You can make a funny love message by making use of the universe. You can say something like even if the brightness of all the galaxies are put together, it is not enough to show how much I love you. You mean the world to me and I am glad you are part of my life.

You can be creative in your very own way by making use of the things that your partner loves to describe your love for him or her. You know your partner better than anyone else does so, you should know the kind of funny love text messages that will make him or her laugh and do it now.

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