You need a good whatsapp status – You don’t know who is watching.

good status for whatsapp

You know why a good status for whatsapp is important? A friend lost his job because of a racist whatsapp status. Some others have even ruined their marriages or relationships with a not so good status for whatsapp.  Below is a short story of why and how I learnt to always use a good status for whatsapp.

During the early days, whileat college, I thought I had no need for a good whatsapp status. Why would I need a good status for whatsapp? I was liberal and it was fun. My friends used to enjoy the hilarious and not very good whatsapp statuses I used to write by then. Well, not until my mom finally decided to get trendy. She had bought into the idea of using a smartphone and she had already begun using whatsapp. Well, who cared? I thought. As I continued my usual business, my mum called me one weekend and complained bitterly about the fact that I was always not using a good status for whatsapp. Frankly speaking, I had become so used to using silly and not so good whatsapp statuses. I checked my status and it was “Our course rep needs some tits sucking”. Like seriously? It seemed I had been writing these statuses without even knowing. I think some cowardly uncles and aunties had complained about that to her as well. That was when my good whatsapp status search began. I loved my mum, and if using a good whatsapp status would make her happy, I would do just that.

You know what? Formulating good whatsapp statuses wasn’t as easy as I had thought. It seemed it was much easier to create the sillier ones than to formulate a good whatsapp status. However, I thank God for search engines. Anytime I had a hard time coining one, I would just type and search good status for whatsapp or good whatsapp status. The results were good whatsapp statuses indeed. That is where it all began for me. From a silly statuses specialist who found it very difficult to coin out any good status for whatsapp, I can now sit and formulate very decent and good whatsapp statuses at ease.


The secret: The constant use of a good whatsapp status, searching them, and reading them, indirectly maneuvered and directed my subconscious memory and brain’s creativity towards that direction. You should try that.

All you need for a good whatsapp status is something that is funny but not offensive or something that is encouraging, inspiring, expresses love, or shows gratitude.

Get a good status for whatsapp from the 15 statuses below:

  1. There are no busy people, just prioritizing persons

  2. I maybe cannot help with money, but I guarantee you my time

  3. No one wants to be lonely, but we are lonely every night as we sleep

  4. What makes me stronger might make you weaker. Specialize in your field

  5. I want a peaceful world just like you do. Kill the strife

  6. I now know why some people fail – They fear to win

  7. Not all who fail are lazy. But one thing I know; they all give up

  8. I know Bill Gates started lower than most fathers, but he’s now higher than them

  9. All I have is family, the bonus I have is friends, and the totality is my wife

  10. I can give you my life, but I can’t give you my wife

  11. My status is simple: Feel encouraged, feel good.

  12. Some people are watching my life like a TV series, but from which channel?

  13. I am the master of my thoughts, just like you too. Let’s control them.

  14. At times, you don’t need a cool drink to cool down – You need a break

  15. Why school is the best thing that ever happened to me? It is the reason I can write and chat you.

I hope you enjoyed these statuses? They were straight from my mind and just within about 10 minutes. You too can get there by persistently using statuses for whatsapp that are good.

Enjoy your day.