Most of the happy anniversary poems are poems that are written in honor of people that are celebrating one form of anniversary or another and it is also very great to discover that doing things to honor people are always appreciated and the writing of happy anniversary poems are one of the great ways of expressing the way that you feel towards someone else or towards a thing. Life is never the same without having great people that will help spice it up and appreciating the people that help to spice up your life is definitely one great way of maintaining a good and a healthy relationship.

Happy Anniversary Poems
Happy Anniversary Poems

Happy anniversary poems are one of the sure ways of showing deep appreciation to the person or people that mean the world to you. It is also very necessary that you write happy anniversary poems that are unique and special to the person that is celebrating his or her anniversary and it is also very important that you include qualities that makes the person celebrating the anniversary special or the qualities that make the anniversary a very special and unique one when you are writing the happy anniversary poems. Happy anniversary poems can be written to honor the work anniversary of a friend, colleague, family or even a well wisher. Another unique thing about the happy anniversary poems is the fact that the poems are always unique and special and they help to make the person marking an anniversary to feel very special and loved.

Happy Anniversary Poems

Here are Top 10 Happy Anniversary Poems:


Remember the first flush of love

that drew you powerfully together?

It still feeds the unassailable bond

that makes your marriage so secure.

Remember all the qualities about each other

you found so endearing?

They are still there,

and new ones create sweet surprises.

Remember thinking that this love

would last forever?

Your love has strengthened and grown

into eternal affection and admiration.

Years from now, you’ll look back

at this anniversary

and realize you love each other

more than ever.

Happy Anniversary!


When you two found each other,

you gained the finest prize:

a companion to share life’s joys,

a friend who lightens burdens,

whose company is always a comfort.

When you found each other,

you embraced the love you had dreamed of,

the source of endless pleasure

and memories to treasure.

May your anniversary remind you

of how precious that day was,

when you found each other.


There are few who are so lucky

To have the things you do,

Companionship and friendship,

And loving feelings, too.


As friends we wish these pleasures

Will last forevermore,

For we know that you will ever be

A couple whom we adore.

Happy Anniversary Poems
Happy Anniversary Poems


You’re a wonderful husband,

I’m not gonna lie.

This poem won’t make you,

vomit nor cry.


Let’s get a few things,

out of the way.

You’re in plenty of trouble,

if you forgot what’s today.


Time to take a ride,

down memory lane.

I think I found you,

underneath an old train.


I’d need a book,

to list all your flaws.

So let’s just stick,

to a few basic laws.


You’ve always made me laugh,

you’re hilariously funny.

I didn’t care,

that you had no money.


The way you hold me,

in your manly arms.

Your voice and smile,

results in charms.


Ok, now wake up,

you’re in real deep.

If my gift,

is super cheap.


It’s your anniversary,

and we admire the good role model

your marriage provides for the rest of us:

Happiness, caring, unselfish accommodation

out of affection for one another.

You two illuminate any room

with the light of love you share.

Happy Anniversary, and many more!


Elisha and Timmy have been five years together.

Love came to them young, and still it stays.

In their hearts they feel that it’s forever,

Sweet love walking with them all their days.

However much life crashes hard around them,

All they have to do is turn within.

A gentle peace, serene and clear, surrounds them,

Nor need they strive some stranger’s eye to win.

Despite this joy, they know there’s some rough sailing

To come between reality and dream.

In choosing young, they’ve laid some grounds for failing:

More doubt and wonder than it first might seem.

May their love take them through these shoals of night.

Years on years will prove young love was right.


Happiness hangs loosely on your lives,

A garment that you wear with fortune’s blessing.

Praised be both the wisdom and the will

Pressed between the pages of your days,

Years and years of choices amid chances.


For now, this day, the rhapsody revives

Old memories of love beyond expressing,

Returned as music, passionate and still,

That turns and turns with wonder as it plays,

Yearning that refuses trite romances.


There is a place in all love that survives —

Home, where nakedness needs no undressing,

In which, with candor and sufficient skill,

Reason turns away its clear-eyed gaze,

Deferring to the heart, which weeps and dances.


No one can know what the outcome

Of spending years together will be.

Being happy together is a gift,

And enduring love is the key.


So here’s to a favored couple;

Everything has worked right for you.

May your future bring more of the same,

And your love remain strong and true.


It’s our anniversary,

that’s pretty cool.

If there’s no chocolate,

that would be cruel.


I’m not saying that,

we need to spoil.

But if you forget,

my blood will boil.


We could always test,

the strength of our bond.

By jumping straight into,

an old muddy pond.


This is our day,

we’re entitled to choose.

Whether we want dinner,

or just go shopping for shoes.


I’m just excited and glad,

that I get to spend.

My anniversary with,

my partner and best friend.


Another year for you in wedded bliss.

Did you guess it would still be as good as this?

Days filled with friendship and deep affection,

A relationship of love close to perfection.


It’s nice to know a perfect pair like you,

You prove a happy marriage can come true.

I hope with many more years you both are blessed,

And each new anniversary is the best.

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