Because of our busy schedules it is natural that we forget about some things or dates of occasions. We are caught up with a lot of things that we already lose track of time. The worst case scenario is forgetting the birthdays of our loved ones. However, we could still send them happy belated birthday wishes. It may be late but the thought and the heart of your happy belated birthday wishes greetings are still there. These messages could still be as sweet as a honeycomb.

Of course you have to make sure that when you are sending happy belated birthday wishes, you should also send an awesome gift along with it. Because what are birthdays without gift anyways? It is also one way of telling you are sorry for the honest mistake of forgetting a special occasion. Your happy belated birthday wishes would sure still be appreciated. Regardless if the greeting is on time or not, if the person is truly important to you and you are to them as well, they would still look forward to that greeting. Those simple messages, try it with picture collages would sure make them happy and that’s something that they could always remember.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

  • Good news! I escaped the mudslide, but your poor card…Happy belated birthday

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

  • The gang wanted me to send their birthday wishes. The gang should have sent the card. Happy belated birthday

  • Could you have read my birthday message if I had send it right on time? But now I’m pretty sure you have. Happy belated birthday!

  • I spent the whole time thinking about what I should text you for your birthday wish… until I ran out of time.

  • I didn’t forget your birthday. I forgot to tell you.

  • I didn’t miss the opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday”. I am just fashionably late.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

  • Even though this greeting comes to you a little late, the wish it brings for happiness is good on any day date. Happy late Birthday

  • Hope your Birthday was happy and totally great. Have a wonderful year! Happy belated birthday

  • These late wishes are time sensitive, so don’t say anything mean. Happy belated birthday

  • I wish you were a little younger—this card would be on time.

  • Sorry, time just slipped away. Hope you had a fun one. Happy belated birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

  • Silly me. I missed your birthday. What was I thinking. Hope it was fun.

  • Sorry that I couldn’t catch up with you on your birthday. Hope that it was great. Happy belated birthday

  • Oops, I missed your birthday by a few short days. Hope it was fun.

  • I truly regret not eating cake on your birthday so I plan to eat 2 desserts today to make up for it.

  • Even though I missed your birthday by a mile, I hope you celebrated it with smile.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

  • You live life in the fast lane but I move a little slower. That is why I am a little behind you on celebrating your birthday.

  • Hey I am late on wishing you a Happy Birthday, but you are really late on inviting me to your birthday party. So when is it anyway?

  • Seems like you just had a birthday yesterday. Oh yeah, sorry I am late. Happy belated birthday.

  • I hope that it was fun. I wish that I had been a part of it. I hope that you had a very Happy Birthday.

  • Sorry I am late in wishing you a happy birthday, but true story, a zebra running on the highway was holding up traffic.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

  • I hope you had a lovely birthday, sorry I couldn’t be there on the day. Love you! Happy belated birthday

  • I hope your birthday was as special as you are.

  • I’m so lucky to have such a great friend like you… who’d forgive me if I forgot his(/her) birthday. Happy belated birthday!

  • Even though this message comes to you a little late, the wish it brings for happiness is good on any day date. Happy belated birthday.

  • The bad news is that I forgot to wish you a happy birthday on time. The good news is I forgot your age.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

  • I might have forgotten your birthday, but at least I got a gift for you.

  • Better late than never? Hope you had the most amazing birthday.

  • I didn’t forget your birthday, I’m just fashionably late.

  • I forgot to wish you on your birthday, but lets have a late cheer to remind you that you had a birthday. Hope you had lots of fun. Happy belated birthday

  • As I missed your birthday so I used the google to find some late birthday wishes to send you. But the best one came from my mind and I want to say “hope you enjoyed a lot on your birthday.”

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

  • I’m making this belated birthday wish that your every day of life becomes peaceful and continue to be filled with plenty of joy that you deserve most.

  • I was late in wishing you a happy birthday and you are also late in inviting me to your birthday party. Happy belated birthday.

  • This year I’m late in wishing you a happy birthday. So, I’m wishing you again for the coming birthday and hope this time you won’t get any chance to say that I’m late.

  • I want to wish you, happy birthday 11 months advance because I was late this year and I don’t want to be in the same situation in future. Happy belated birthday.

  • I’m sorry that my cat was stuck in the car, that’s why I’m late in wishing you a very happy birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

  • Sometimes my forgetter works better than my rememberer. Happy late birthday.

  • I bought you a card but my mouth was too dry to lick the stamp. So I wetted it. A lot. Did you know no post offices are open at 2 am?

  • My hair is falling out. I’m starting to forget things. I’m old. So shoot me. Happy belated birthday

  • I always loved the way you celebrated your birthday and I’m so unlucky that I missed it this year.

  • I need a time machine to tell you, happy birthday on time. Hope you enjoyed the party.

Belated Birthday Wishes

  • Wishing a happy belated birthday to someone who actually deserves an “on time” wish.

  • Just because my birthday wishes for you are belated, doesn’t mean that my feelings for you have become outdated. xoxo

  • Please forget that I forgot your birthday. I will be able to forgive myself only if you forgive me by forgetting that I forgot your birthday. Happy belated birthday

  • Since we are so far apart right now, I think my wishes took longer to reach you. Happy belated birthday.

  • I am sorry, I am late. For my wishes, I made you wait. I never meant to make you sad, because you are the best friend I’ve ever had. Happy belated birthday.

Belated Birthday Wishes

  • I forget my own wedding anniversary. How do you expect me to remember your birthday? Sorry for the late birthday wishes my friend.

  • I was thinking about sending this card and…I fell asleep. Happy belated birthday.

  • The greeting may be stale, but the sentiments are fresh. Happy belated birthday.

  • Birthday messages never go out of style. The stamps, however…sorry this is so late. Happy belated birthday

  • I only realized your birthday had passed when the male dancers I hired showed up in Depends. Happy day, girlfriend.

Belated Birthday Wishes

  • Better late than never? Hope you had the happiest birthday ever. Happy belated birthday

  • Sorry these birthday greetings are time -challenged. They’re from me.

  • This card is full of birthday greetings from your friends. See? It’s not just me; they’re all late.

  • I hope you made a lot of memories on your birthday. Can I have some?

  • The friend is great, the greeting late. Hope your day was wonderful.

Belated Birthday Wishes

  • Old friends are sweeter with age. Old fish, like old birthday wishes, stink. Hope it was great.

  • I can’t tell you all the times I thought about your birthday. That’s because I can’t remember squat. Happy late birthday.

  • My dog ate your birthday card, that is why this Happy Birthday wish is a little late.

  • Like, I, uh, meant to, uh, like, didn’t, uh, forget your birthday. I was, just, uh, you know, a little centered on myself and missed it. Anyway, Happy Birthday. Mine is coming up soon you know.

  • Sooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy I’mmmmmmm late. Happy belated birthday.

Belated Birthday Wishes

  • I fully blame my tardiness in wishing you a happy birthday on The Facebook Feed Algorithm: whatever that means.

  • Sorry I am late in wishing you a happy birthday, the cat was stuck in the toilet.

  • I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. And that would be your birthday. Happy belated birthday.

  • Where does the time go? Another year passed before I could get your birthday greeting out. Happy belated birthday.

  • I’m so sorry I missed your birthday, I hope that you had a wonderful day.

Belated Birthday Wishes

  • I may have forgotten your birthday, but I didn’t forget about you!

  • Happy birthday beautiful. Hope you had an amazing day with your friend’s and family.

  • Today is yesterday’s tomorrow so even if you already got older it isn’t too late to wish you a happy birthday.

  • I am sorry I missed your birthday, you have had so many I lost track.

  • I hope that your birthday was a wonderful one and you enjoyed that day a lot. Have an amazing year.

Belated Birthday Wishes

  • As I missed your birthday, so I’m sending double hugs and kisses as a bonus to make things up. Happy belated birthday.

  • Though I missed your birthday party, but it seems that I can hear the tunes of your birthday celebration in my mind. Hope you had some great moments.

  • I’m so regretful that I couldn’t join your birthday party. Now I’m planning to eat 2 large piece of cakes to make that up. Doesn’t it sound good!!

  • Don’t hate me because I forgot your birthday. Hate me because I’m beautiful.

  • It feels like you just had a birthday the other day. Oh yeah, sorry I am late. Happy belated birthday.

  • Sorry I missed your birthday. I swear that this only happens to me like once a year.

Belated Birthday Wishes

  • Though my wishes reached your home late, but hope your celebration was an excellent one.

  • Do you know why I’m late? I was seized by the aliens from mars. I came back a few moments ago and now wishing you a happy belated birthday.

  • I know I’m little late, but I guess that I won’t be the last person to wish you a happy belated birthday.

  • Nothing is impossible – this phrase has been proven right today, because I never thought that I would forget my best friend’s birthday. I am sorry.

  • Dear friend… don’t forgive me until I wither and crumble from within in regret and remorse. And even after that if you don’t give me forgiveness, I will take it by force. Happy belated birthday.

  • I wait for you before doing anything important in my life. How come you didn’t tell your birthday to wait for me? Happy belated birthday.

  • I am sorry, my wishes may have come in a tad late. But that doesn’t stop me from calling you my best mate. Happy belated birthday.

  • If I’ve mailed the birthday card on time, then it would have reached your hands on time. I’m sorry for that.

  • I didn’t wish you on your birthday because I didn’t want to interrupt you in mourning the passing of yet another youthful year of your life. Happy belated birthday.

  • Friendship starts with F but do you know what else starts with F? Forgetfulness and Forgiveness. So please forgive me for forgetting your birthday. Happy belated birthday.

  • You are lucky that I forgot your birthday because now you will get two gifts. One for your birthday and one to make you feel better. Happy belated birthday.

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