Can you imagine life without teachers? It would be chaotic. Imagine there are no teachers, then there wouldn’t be engineers to construct, there won’t be doctors to cure or lawyers to defend. In short they are one of the most important people that we should give our utmost respect. On their special day, we can show our thankfulness through sending them happy birthday wishes for teacher. These happy birthday wishes for teacher will make them see how appreciated they are and that many are being inspired by their dedication in their chosen profession.

Happy birthday wishes for teacher, would give a cheer in their hearts. These are treasures that they would always remember and keep as long as they are breathing. These happy birthday wishes for teacher are also great reminders that they could also explore for more knowledge or skills to add in the future so they can share these with others as well. We should honor them for their sacrifices and never ever forget their contributions on how we become better people with hopes and dreams and willing to use the knowledge that we gain from them for any valuable cause. Free your time and greet them.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Teacher

  • By teaching me math, you didn’t just teach me how to add numbers but also how to add value to my life. Happy birthday teacher.

Birthday Wishes For Teacher

  • I take pride in having learnt from a teacher like you because, now my life has a purpose and a cause. Happy Birthday Teacher.

  • Dear teacher, you are really so cool that I would not mind adding you as one of my friends in Facebook or tag you in a tweet on Twitter. You are truly the coolest teacher I ever have, Happy Birthday Teacher!

  • I will not be able to write this greeting and express my gratitude to you if you will not teach me how to read and write. And for that, I am forever grateful. Happy birthday my dearest teacher!

  • To my teacher on his birthday: If I could give you an apple, it would be the shiniest freakishly big apple on earth. Happy Birthday Teacher

  • Happy Birthday Teacher! Just for today, we promise not to yell or throw spitballs. Tomorrow it goes back to normal.

  • I don’t owe my impressive salary to the way I excelled in my job interview. I owe all the success in my career to the fact that I had an amazing professor like you. Happy birthday. Happy Birthday Teacher

Birthday Wishes For Teacher

  • History class would have been a sleeping pill if it weren’t for your high energy levels and engrossing story telling ways. Happy birthday to the teacher who can make light up even the dullest of days. Happy Birthday Teacher

  • Dear teacher… since it is your birthday today, the whole class encourages you to take the day off. Happy Birthday Teacher.

  • Each and every child’s life has a teacher whose advices, teachings and wisdom are engraved in the mind for even a lifetime. For me, that is you. Happy Birthday Teacher!

  • A great teacher will not crack down rebellion on her students, but instead, she will channel it in the right way and I am so happy that you did just that… Happy Birthday Teacher!

  • Dearest teacher, if dignity and excellence will be taken in the form of a human being, then they would be born as you. Happy Birthday Teacher!

Birthday Wishes For Teacher

  • You are the only teacher I have known who never told me that I have failed. All that you will tell me is to try again and that is enough to give me confidence in everything that I do and reach the peak of success, Happy Birthday Teacher!

  • For a person who taught me how to read, write and talk, remembering her birthday is not even an ounce of what she did for me. Happy Birthday Teacher.

  • To be honest, I have forgotten much of what you taught me in school. But I remember the most important thing, and that is your birthday. Happy birthday teacher.

  • You make rimless spectacles, vintage trench coats, neck scarves and ink pens looks chic and fashionable. Happy birthday to the coolest teacher ever. Happy Birthday Teacher

  • On your birthday, we feel so lucky that we have you as our loving and caring teacher. Best wishes to you on this special day of yours! Happy Birthday Teacher

Birthday Wishes For Teacher

  • This day belongs to our great future as it is you who have taught us lessons well that we certainly excelled in our fields. Happy Birthday Teacher!

  • Dearest teacher, you have helped us a lot in shaping our future by our mind. Thank you for that, and a very happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday Teacher

  • I take pride in having the best teacher like you because not all people are lucky enough to end up with the best teacher. Happy Birthday Teacher!

  • I have to admit, I really hated your class at first. But, with your caring and effective teaching style — I learned so much. Happy Birthday Teacher.

  • When I think back on my college days, you will always spring to mind. You taught, encouraged and laughed along with all of us. Happy Birthday Teacher.

Birthday Wishes For Teacher

  • Truly effective teachers do it in such a way that the student doesn’t realize he’s learning. Happy Birthday to THAT teacher.

  • You certainly are the best teacher in the universe and that makes me so proud to be one of your students. May you have a blast on this day, Happy Birthday Teacher!

  • Dear teacher, to attend your classes is truly a blessing. We are happy for the good things that you have bestowed upon us. Happy Birthday Teacher!

  • How can I ever forget the birthday of a great person who is not only a teacher but a best friend as well? Thank you for the friendship and for being my inspiration. Happy Birthday Teacher!

  • At the risk of getting too mushy, I want to use your birthday as an opportunity to thank you for all you’ve done for me, both scholastically and emotionally. Happy Birthday Teacher

  • I didn’t think so at the time, but the writing skills you taught me really helped me in job hunting, career and life in general. Happy Birthday Teacher.

Birthday Wishes For Teacher

  • Some teachers improve your test scores. Some teachers improve your life. Happy Birthday to a teacher who does both.

  • Since you tolerate our antics all year round, today we will do everything you say without a single frown. Happy birthday teacher.

  • Do you know what motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm and encouragement have in common? We get all of them from you. Happy birthday to the teacher who inspires us to be better every day. Happy Birthday Teacher

  • May life give you nothing but the best it has to offer – which is exactly what you have given us as our teacher. Happy birthday. Happy Birthday Teacher

  • Dear teacher… you tirelessly put up with my silly mistakes, tolerate my bad behavior and succumb to my crazy tantrums in school. You should be given an award because even my parents can’t handle all that without losing their cool. Happy Birthday Teacher.

Birthday Wishes For Teacher

  • Dear teacher, you taught us a lot of things in life. Now, let us teach you how to party on your birthday, Happy Birthday Teacher!

  • Dearest teacher, today is that one day of the year that you are officially allowed to ask us to behave and not to act annoying, happy birthday to you and thank you for tolerating us despite all of the drama! Happy Birthday Teacher

  • Dear teacher… we never see you as an oldie, we always see you as one of us. Sometimes we even wonder how awesome it would have been if you were our age and we could study together. Happy Birthday Teacher.

  • Before you became my teacher, I thought school-life was as barren and dry as a desert. But you came and converted it into a beautiful oasis. Happy Birthday Teacher.

Birthday Wishes For Teacher

  • You were the only teacher who never told me that I failed. All you told me was ‘Why don’t you try again?’ That was what gave me the confidence that I needed to be successful in life. Happy birthday teacher.

  • How can I forget the birthday of the woman who never forgot mine when I was young? Happy birthday teacher.

  • Dearest teacher, you truly make each lesson a fun filled experience for all of us. Unlike others, we never feel bored hearing your lectures. Thank you for that and a very happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday Teacher

  • Teacher, you not only taught us lessons, but you enlightened us all throughout our school days. Thank you and Happy Birthday Teacher

  • Dear teacher, wishing you a very happy birthday. Thank you for being the world’s best mentor! I just feel so lucky to have you as my teacher. Happy Birthday Teacher

  • A lot of people can teach lessons based on books but only gifted teachers like you have the ability to subtly weave through them along with other life lessons that are never written on books, Happy Birthday Teacher!

Birthday Wishes For Teacher

  • Nothing in this world is truly flawless, except for the advice I get from you, my beloved teacher, which is truly priceless. Happy Birthday Teacher!

  • For the person who has taught me how to write, read and talk. Happy birthday, my dear teacher!

  • With tremendous power comes tremendous responsibility. On your birthday, we want to tell you how well you handle it. Happy Birthday Teacher

  • Leader, Teacher, Inspiration, Coach, Mentor, Protector and now Birthday Girl. You do it all! Happy Birthday Teacher

  • Teacher, you are the reason we look forward to coming to school every day. This is a Happy Birthday, but also a Thank You from all of us. Happy Birthday Teacher

  • I don’t know how any professor can come to work every day and teach so well with such passion. Happy Birthday — so glad to have learned from you. Happy Birthday Teacher

  • For some, they consider teaching their job. Others, like you, consider it their life’s calling. Happy Birthday Teacher with gratitude.

Birthday Wishes For Teacher

  • Dear teacher, since you are the coolest among the rest, please replace your party favors with good grades instead… please? Happy Birthday Teacher!

  • Dear teacher, in all honesty, I have already forgotten much of what you have taught us in school. But what I will never forget is your birthday. So on this day, let me greet you a very Happy Birthday Teacher!

  • Dear teacher, you are truly amazing. You make spectacles and vintage trench coats look even more fashionable and chic. Happy birthday to you, the coolest teacher in the universe! Happy Birthday Teacher

  • Happy birthday to you my first ever mentor, my idol, my inspiration and my hero. Thank you for being the best teacher that I ever have… I always look up to you. Happy Birthday Teacher

  • Thank you for tolerating all our antics all year round. And for that, we will do everything you will say without any single frown, Happy Birthday Teacher!

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