One needs to ask themselves,“How many Calories in Brown Rice add up to the Benefits of Brown Rice?”They say too much of something is poison, and this is the reason why some people are cautious not only about the amount of Carbs in Brown Rice, but also the number of Calories in Brown Rice. According to Brown Rice Nutrition, there are 216 Calories in Brown Rice and most of the Brown Rice Calories come from the total carbohydrates which make up to 44.8g and fiber 3.5g while only 0.7g is sugar. That said, you now know How many Calories in Brown Rice that can be used to break down the nutritional value of brown rice.

Health Benefits Of Brown Rice
Health Benefits Of Brown Rice

Health wise, Brown Rice Benefits are way too many compared to white rice. This is because, unlike the white rice, brown rice has the bran and germ intact. These too properties play an important role as far as the source of high content of magnesium and fiber are concerned; this is just one among many Benefits of Brown Rice. Another one adding to the Benefits of Brown Rice includes the fact that it is a rich source of not only magnesium but also vitamin B-6, Phosphorus, thiamine, selenium and niacin among other mineral compounds.

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Therefore, needless to say that Brown Rice Benefits one’s health in many ways as discussed below. Truth be told that Brown Rice Health Benefits are too many to mention but however, some of the key Health Benefits of Brown Rice have had their share of interest in this article. Have had their share of interest in this article.

Health Benefits Of Brown Rice

1. Counteract “Bad” Cholesterol

Brown rice is highly packed with soluble fiber that helps fight “bad” cholesterol (LDL) in the blood. Reports associate brown rice with properties that lower both LDL and blood pressure on the other hand boosting the level of “good” cholesterol (HDL).

2. Control Weight gain

According to experts, a diet with high intake of fiber is highly filling and makes one not to desire eating all the time thereby maintaining a good body weight. Moreover, Brown Rice Benefits one’s healthin the sense that besides the rich content of fiber, it has a low glycemic index consequently causing a stable rise in blood sugar level. This property is crucial in keeping you full so that you don’t eating all the time.

3. Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

The great fiber extension in the brown rice is responsible for the prevention against cardiovascular disease making the fiber the pillar of all the Health Benefits of Brown Rice. According to a study done in Philadelphia, the layer of tissue around brown rice, counteracts the effects of Angiotensin II, which is responsible for increased level of blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

4. Protection against Breast Cancer

Brown rice is packed with phytonutrient Lignin, which is an important property inhibiting the development of breast cancerous cells.

5. Gallstone Prevention

Many of the health benefits of brown rice revolve around the rich content of fiber. At this time, it plays an important role in lowering the risk of gallstones in women according to a study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

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