Cherries are in the same fruit family as apricots, almonds, peaches and plums.  They are often regarded as “dessert” fruit in pies or garnish for cocktails.  How Many Calories in Cherries do you think you can get?  Cherries have a good healthy side rich in antioxidants and lots of other health-promoting compounds.

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Cherries have two main varieties which are the sweet and tart (sour cherries).  Sweet cherries like Bing cherries are best when eaten raw (fresh) while sour ones have a fuller flavor when cooked (often baked).

Health benefits of cherries
Health benefits of cherries

The question of How Many Calories in Cherries one can get will be answered bit by bit in the Health Benefits of Cherries included here below.

  1. Antioxidant Protection

Cyanidin and anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants contained I cherries.  These antioxidants from tart Cherries Nutrition are superior to Vitamin E and commercial antioxidant products.  Quercetin is among the Health Benefits of Cherries as an oxidant and other health promoting property in it.

  1. Cancer-Preventive Compounds

Benefits of Cherries like carotenoids, anthocyanins, vitamin C and fiber in sweet cherries play a cancer prevention role.  Sweet cherries are good source of Cyanidin that act as antioxidant and thus reduce cancer risk.  A study done on human cancer cell lines showed arrest in cell cycle and apoptosis of mutated cells that were exposed to cherry anthocyanins.

  1. Reduce Inflammation and Gout Risk

The Benefits of Cherries in a gout study done to over 600 people who ate ½ cup serving a day of cherries (10 or 12 cherries or extract of cherry) had a subsequent gout attack risk of 35 percent low.  50 percent reduction risk was seen in those who ate 3 servings of Cherries Calories in two days.  Uric acid is lowered when one consumes tart cherry juice (daily0 for four weeks.

  1. Support Healthy Sleep

Benefits of Cherries are the production of natural melatonin, a powerful antioxidant and free scavenger of radical nature that assists in cooling down excessive inflammation and related oxidative stress.  Cherry Benefits of body regeneration and vital sleep role are got from melatonin.  Tart Cherry juice helps in increasing melatonin levels, as well as improving on total slept time, time in bed and sleep efficiency.

  1. Arthritis Pain Relief

Cherries Health Benefits of anti-inflammatory compounds relieve pain in inflammatory osteoarthritis.  Benefits of Cherry Juice drank daily (twice) in three weeks had remarkable reduction in inflammation markers.  Pain also got reduced from the Calories in Cherries by 20 percent.  Highest anti-inflammatory content in any food is got from tart cherries.

  1. Reduce Belly Fat

A study of rats showed the ones fed with tart cherry powder and high fat diet did not gain a lot and had less body fat compared to the ones not fed with tart cherries.  Lower levels of inflammation and triglycerides were also noticed suggesting a role in heart health.

  1. Reduce Post-Exercise Muscle Pain

Athletes who tart cherry juice before taking part in a long distance run had less pain than those who did not.  Calories in Cherries have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. These have a protective effect of reducing muscle damage and pain in strenuous exercises.

  1. Lower Risk of Stroke

Tart cherries consumption activated PPAR (peroxisome proliferator activating receptors) in body tissues which help in the regulating of genes involved in glucose and fat metabolism. This activation helps in the lowering of heart disease risk.

  1. Help Ward off Alzheimer

Cherries are one of the foods that help in memory boosting because of their antioxidant richness.

Now you can have many good reasons to consume cherries.  Cherries keep the doctor away.

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