Cranberries are usually widely found among evergreen shrubs along tropical forests around the world. These type of fruits just like their distant cousin fruit, blueberries, are known to possess antioxidant compounds and acidic property that are associated with the ability to fight and prevent diseases, and infections.

Health Benefits of Cranberries
Health Benefits of Cranberries

Cranberries have been dubbed as “super fruits”, and this goes without saying keeping in mind the Health Benefits of Cranberries. A lot of people are ignorant of cranberries, let alone the fact that they use the little berries for different functions like thanks giving, people are ignorant of the Health Benefits of Cranberries lest they would eat the little berries every day in their meals.

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One of the Cranberry Benefits is the fact that they can be prepared in more than one form, they can be prepared as a fruit jam used to eat on bread, it can be blended into juice, they can be dried and make an awesome snack or used as an additive to other food stuffs. Cranberry Benefits are not only limited to health maintenance but alsofor a happy social way in more than one as we will find out progressively.

After getting familiar with the little red berries, we cannot stop at that point or proceed without knowing their benefits. A lot of studies have been carried on the Benefits of Cranberriesto establish the role these fruits would play as far as keeping healthy and treatment of numerous diseases is concern.

1) Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

Number one of the Benefits of cranberry juice according to many scholars is the power to prevent bacteria from forming along the urinary tract by the help of proanthocyanidins available in the cranberry juice which is highly acidic giving it a property that bars bacteria from multiplying along the bladder instead flashed out through urination. This Benefits of Cranberries Juice helps the body detoxify of urinary tract infections that causes an inflammation and a burning sensation while passing out urine.

2) Cardiovascular Health

Most of Cranberry Juice Benefits answers to medicinal purposes more than it does for pleasure and refreshment, the juice from these small red berries reduces the chances of developing heart diseases such as blood pressure and hypertension pressure. Flavonoids and other antioxidants in the juice dissolves the fat present in the arteries which always lead to artery constriction consequently atherosclerosis.

3) Helps in Digestion

Cranberry juice has also contributed to the Benefits of Cranberriesas studies have proved the extension of fiber in the cranberry and antioxidants have the ability to ease your stomach from constipation and speed digestion and heal stomach upset.

4) Reduces the risks of Cancer

Cranberry Juice Benefits also involves prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer. This characteristic is made possible through the rich anti-carcinogenic compounds found in the cranberry juice. This compounds specifically fight prostate and colon cancer cells from developing thereby making it one of the most crucial Benefits of Cranberries.

5) Healthy Pregnancy

Besides prevention from cancer, another special of the Cranberry Juice Benefits is the fact that it is a major source of Vitamin C and E and this property gives it the merit to prevent expectant mothers from pre-eclampsia condition, which relates to high blood pressure and large amounts of protein in the urine of pregnant women which is the cause for premature births.

6) Weight Loss

Cranberry juice is an ideal drink and a good substitute for sugary soft drinks for its low content in calories and rich in antioxidants and fiber helps detoxify the body and fight “bad” cholesterol in the body. This juice is the best recommendation for people who wish to cut their weight.

7) Protects teeth from decay

As it is already known, cranberries possess proanthocyanidins which as well just like they clear bacteria from the urinary tract, they also clear bacteria from our teeth because of the juice’s acidic nature. Moreover, a recent study has ascertained the ability of Cranberries in fighting gum disease.

The benefits of cranberries are too numerous to mention and they cut across physical, mental and social health. Cranberry juice is both healthy and refreshing and the most recommended by doctors in terms of weight loss and control of cholesterol in the body.

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