Dark chocolate is a product of the cocoa tree seeds which is packed with abundant nutrients including antioxidants that are useful in fighting a range of diseases and keeping you healthy. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate could be the reason why a lot of people like it besides its sweet taste. Moreover, Health Benefits of Chocolate has been a subject that has engaged different researchers to study to study and establish the major Benefits of Dark Chocolate.

Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate
Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Among the overall Benefits of Dark Chocolate includes the fact that dark chocolate is full of nutrition just as explained by the following breakdown of Dark Chocolate Nutrition. But before studying the nutrition properties of the food, it is good to know the number of Calories in Dark Chocolate. 170 is the number of Dark Chocolate Calories in 1 once bar of dark chocolate whereby 11g comes from fiber and other minerals.

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Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

1. Antioxidants

Cocoa beans, which are the raw products of the dark chocolate has been found to have a high score in plants with the highest amount of Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC). This property ascertains the fact that dark chocolate has a rich content of antioxidants than most of foods making it one of the best Benefit among the Benefits of Dark Chocolate. These antioxidant compounds includes flavonoids, and catechins to list just a few.

2. Prevents the risk of cardiovascular Disease

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits are also supported by compounds which fight against LDL oxidation in the body which results in low amounts of cholesterol in the arteries thereby increasing significant protection against heart disease.

3. Increases HDL level

Dark Chocolate Benefits also includes raising of HDL (“good” cholesterol) and in turn provides protection to LDL (“bad” cholesterol) against oxidation from free radicals in the body.

Adding up to the Dark Chocolate Benefits is the bioactive compounds found in the dark chocolate that has the ability to protect the skin against harmful ultra violet light. The antioxidants in dark chocolate protects against sun-caused damages and also improve blow and circulation in the skin as well as increasing the skin’s hydration and density

4. Improve Brain Performance

As one of Dark Chocolate Benefits is enhancing sufficient blood flow, this is also applied to the brain and play an important role in elderly people who have cognitive disorders. It also has caffeine stimulant which is a key to an active brain functioning.

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