Dates are one amongst the oldest ever cultivated fruits in existence. This fruits are sweet and come in different varieties such that they are sometimes dried and yes, more than often they are dried. However they can as well be eaten fresh but in both cases the Health Benefits of Dates abundant.

Health Benefits Of Dates
Health Benefits Of Dates


People who love to keep fit are likely to seek profound information on How many Calories in Dates contribute to the much publicized need to eat plentiful of Dates. After the knowledge of the amount of Caloriesin Dates, they may also want to know about Dates Nutrition for them to establish the major Health Benefits of Dates. Nonetheless, before taking much time into the Health Benefits of Dates, it is important to figure out the wider range of Dates Nutrition.

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Dates Nutrition

There are 66 calories in dates and the following nutrition facts explains the breakdown of the calories and components of dates.

The Nutrition facts of dates below are

1OOg serving of dates contains: Vitamin B6- 0.2mg, potassium- 696mg, Manganese-0.3mg, Magnesium- 54mg, Copper-0.4mg, and Fiber-6.7g

Dates Health Benefits includesample provision of fiber, vitamins and minerals and this only serve as the generalized Benefits of Dates which can be narrowed down to other numerous Dates Health BenefitsĀ as we will see below.

Health Benefits Of Dates

Benefits of Dates are usually associated with the bid to boost the sound health of the brain, heart and digestion.

1) Reduce the risk of stroke

The first among the Benefits of Dates as discussed in this article; though not the most important of the Benefits of Dates is the ability to reduce blood pressure. Within a space of 14 years seven studies have revealed that a person can reduce the risk of stroke when they intake 100mg of magnesium on daily basis.

2) Helps in having a safe and sound pregnancy

Despite the fact that Dates Benefits are similar to other kinds of food, it is in a rare occasion to find most of foods that are directly related to pregnancy as does dates.

3) Anti-Inflammatory

The presence of magnesium mineral in the body is vital for its anti-inflammatory properties. In a certain study, inflammatory agents in the body including Interleukin 6 (IL6), C-reactive protein (CRP) and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF) were found to be subdued conversely to a high intake of magnesium, more over the arterial inflammation is greatly lowered by high intake of magnesium leading to reduced chances of cardiovascular disease and other related disease.

4) Boosts Brain Performance

Are Dates good for you? Absolutely! In case you are a student, dates have been proven to boost your brain performance even to help you score highly in examinations and other tests. This has been made a possibility by the presence of Vitamin B6 which is in abundance in the fruit.

5) Boosts Heart Performance

Besides boosting your brain performance, another of the Benefits of Dates includes the ability to maintain a stable heart health keeping you out of danger of heart-related diseases such as high blood pressure.

6) Reduce Blood Pressure Risks

The combination of magnesium and potassium richly available and significantly adding up to the amount of Calories in Dates is crucial in ensuring proper working of the heart and by preventing blood pressure according to research.

7) Stabilizes Digestion Health

Dates have both soluble and insoluble fiber in plentiful; a property that makes them the most ideal fruit for colon health. These fibers helps in cleaning the gastrointestinal system saving the body of many colon-related diseases such as colitis and cancer.

Other Health Benefits of dates include properties to help control weight loss, diarrhea, impotence, relief constipation and support regular bowel movements, prevention of chronic conditions such as arthritis and hemorrhoid.

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